TFT Patch 14.2 Notes: Second Patch of The Year Adjusts the Meta

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TFT Patch 14.2 Notes: Second Patch of The Year Adjusts the Meta

TFT Patch 14.2 Notes reveal a list of changes to traits, Augments, and champions as Riot Mortdog reveals them early through his Patch Rundown video ahead of the full patch release.

TFT Patch 14.2 Trait Changes

Few traits including the Mosher and Punk receive buffs, with Disco being the only trait that ended up on Riot’s nerf list in Patch 14.2.
The attack speed of Disco trait has been adjusted from 5/10/15/20 to 5/8/12/20 percent. The healing per tick was adjusted from 2/3/3/5 to 2/3/3/4 percent
Mosher Attack speed buffed at breakpoint of six from 60 to 70 percent.

Meanwhile, the Punk trait receives health and attack speed buffs, increasing its health gained from 170/280/420 to 180/300/450

TFT Patch 14.2 Champion Changes

Karthus receives a major rework in the latest Teamfight Tactics patch, as he will no longer gain mana on kill, meanwhile the champions spell damage has been decreased from 270/405/900 to 175/260/580. Upon casting, the champion will now gain 30 ability power.

TFT Patch 14.2 Headliner Changes

Kai’sa and Yone are the only two champions who get their headliner bonuses adjusted in Teamfight Tactics’ second patch of the year. Kai’sa’s Attack Damage percentage receives a buff, while Yone gets his Health and Attack Damage nerfed. Base Yone remains the same, it’s only his Headliner bonus that gets affected in this update.

Kai’Sa’s Attack Damage percentage increased to 25 percent from 15 percent.
Yone: Health was reduced from 200 to 150, while the attack damage gets nerfed from 20 to 15 percent.

For the Multitier Augments the Critical Strike chance on the Twin Terror one and two has been removed. While the Health and Attack speed get noticeably buffed from 250/350 to 350/500.

TFT Patch 14.2 Battle Pass

The TFT Remix Rumble 14.2 Pass, aka the Act 2 Pass, is the second pass in the entire set as there are no mid-set updates, and each set now lasts 4 months. The new tradition will include a pass divided into two seasons, aka ‘acts’ with Act well done. It is now time for players to take advantage of the content introduced in the Rmix Rumble Act 2 pass introduced in Set 10 of Riot's most popular auto-battery.

The Act 2 pass uses the same traits as Act 1 and there is no ranked reset; players continue from where they left off in Act 1—all thanks to no mid-set updates in between—a blessing in disguise!


Here is the full list of mission in Teamfight Tactics Remix Rumble Act 2 Battle Pass introduced in Set 10.

Encore Play a match of Teamfight Tactics: Remix Rumble Act 2 400
Glam Rock Gathering Field both Disco and Pentakill at the same time. 400
Healing Harmonics Heal 10,000 damage dealt to champions. 400
Drop the Bass Field both 8-Bit and Hyperpop at the same time. 400
Heavy Metal Field a champion with 2000+ health 10  times. 400
Going on Stage Claim 12 champions from the carousel. 400
Enchanting Beats Deal 20,000 magic damage. 600
Band Promotion Purchase XP 40 times. 600
Party Gifts Collect 100 loot orbs. 600
Picking a Set List Reroll the shop 15 times while fielding Punk in a game. 600
VIP Passes Field a 5 cost champion 8 times. 600
Rising Stars 2 star 30 champions. 600
Making Headlines Field 6 3-star Headliner champions. 800
Top the Charts Place 1st in a game.
Win 2 games (Place 1st-4th, or 1st-2nd in Double Up)
Costly Collaboration 3-Star 3 3+ cost champions. 800
Back to Back Hits Get 1 10-round win streak.
Get 2 5-round win streaks

TFT Patch 14.2 Release Date and Bug Fixes

TFT Patch 14.2 ships a total of 14 bug fixes, including a major fix for Lucian that looks as a buff the champion, directly increasing his attack speed, which is now functioning correctly. Lucian will now scale 1 shot per 20 percent Attack Speed, instead of the champ 1 shotting at 40% attack speed. With the latest update’s slew of bug fixes, the Rcombobulator will no longer delete the Disco Ball. Also, the bug with Emotional damage reducing the player unit’s maximum mana to 10 upon taking the augment for the first time no longer exists.

Teamfight Tactics Patch 14.2 is slated to hit live servers across all regions on Wednesday, January 24. Fans can view the complete Teamfight Tactics Patch schedule for 2024 by clicking here.

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