TFT Patch 13.22 Notes Detail Massive Buffs as Choncc’s Treasure Returns

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TFT Patch 13.22 Notes Detail Massive Buffs as Choncc’s Treasure Returns

TFT Patch 13.22 Notes hit a variety of champions and traits with significant buffs as Set 9.5: Horizonbound comes to an end.

The final patch of 9.5 brings back Fortune’s Favor as Choncc’s Treasure while reworking Overtime. A variety of five-cost units and traits get wrapped in a blanket of buffs as the release date of TFT’s next set , Set 10: Remix Rumble comes closer. With the latest rework, Overtime will no longer grant players large amount ofAP or Attack Damage at once but instead ramp the damage up over time, granting AP and AD every second. “This should fix a lot of issues with Overtime as the trait doesn’t grant the player significant amounts of AP.”, said Game Desiger Riot Mortdog. The trait, however, will still grant players a bonus flat speed movement bonus.

TFT Patch 13.22 Notes Trait Changes

Ixtal Stone
Duration: Changed from 8 seconds to 10 seconds
Heal: 750 bumped to 900

Ixtal Wind
The duration has been bumped from 4/5 seconds to 5/10 seconds
AS: 40/100% adjusted to 50/100%

Zaun Adaptive Implant
AD/AP & Omnivamp: 35% 40%
Overcharge amount: 50% 60%

Base Heal of the Zaun Hextehc Exoskeleton was earlier 15, and has now been bumped to 20%. The overcharge Heal on the other hand has also been changed to 30%. Meanwhile Zaun’s Robotic Arm Overcharge and Virulent Bloatware also receive a series of adjustments as Riot looks to introduce new mechanics and traits in the game’s next set. The full list of Trait changes can be viewed in the official patch notes post linked at the end of the article. Frejlord’s Gunner base stack AD has also been buffed at two and three cost. The update also adjusts breakpoints for the Bruiser trait while affecting its base health.

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TFT Patch 13.22 Notes Champion Changes

Mana buffs make up for the majority of changes in TFT’s last Horizonbound update. The update applies buffs to tier 5 units Ryze and Heimerdinger, while a handful of one-cost and two-cost champions receive adjustments. Tier 1 unit Illaoi’s Harsh Lesson Damage gets bumped from 220/330/500 to 250/375/560. Champions that didn’t get “enough time to shine” in Set 9.5 have been buffed in its final update.

Heimerdinger Apex Turret

  • Mechano Swarm Rocket Damage: 50/120/120 changed to 50/200/200
  • Refractor Beam Damage Amp has been buffed from 10/40/80% to 20/50/100%
  • Apex Turret Refractor Beam now allows the turret’s ability to critically strike if Heimerdinger’s ability can, and lets Heimerdinger share his critical strike chance with the turret.

Ryze (Bilgewater) 

  • Max Mana buff: 30/90 adjusted to 0/75
  • Chance for Loot: 5/7.5/100% bumped to 5/10/100%
  • Chance for Gold: 10/15/100% changed to 10/20/100%
  • Size scaling per gold: 1% changed to 2%

The Max Mana buff of Ryze (Noxus) trait was earlier 70/120 and now has been reduced to 40/100. Also, the number of Axes have also been adjusted to 5/5/15 at all the three breakpoints.

Ryze (Piltover) 

  • Mana buff: 30/90 bumped to 15/75
  • Shared Damage: 15/30/500% changed to 30/30/500%
  • Area duration: 3/4/8 bumped to 5/5/10 sec

Ryze (Shurima) 

  • Mana buff: 90/150 bumped to 60/120
  • Chance to spawn gold: 20/35/100% has been reduced to 35/50/100%
  • Chance to Spawn item has been increased from 2/5/30% to 5/10/50%
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Meanwhile, Bel’veth Royal Maelstrom would now attack all enemies at 3-stars. Her Royal Maelstrom base lashes get slightly nerfed from 6/6/30 to 6/6/25. Besides, the upcoming update also incorporates some changes that will now require for new accounts to play three tutorial matches and face against bits that will adapt to the players skill level. Those new players would be able to queue into normal mode only after finishing those bot matches. On the other hand, players have finished three or more matches in TFT won’t have to play those bot matches.

TFT Patch 13.22 Release Date

The final update of Set 9.5: Horizonbound goes live on TFT servers across all regions and platforms on Tuesday, November 7. Servers will be down for maintenance before the full patch release. TFT’s next set, Set 10 is slated to arrive on servers two weeks later, on November 21. Also, the new update ships a fix for the bug that caused players to place Nashor’s Tooth and Baron’s Gift on mana-less champions Fans can check out the rest of the balance changes by clicking on the full patch notes article here.

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