Teamfight Tactics Remix Rumble Pass: All The Content In Set 10

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Teamfight Tactics Remix Rumble Pass: All The Content In Set 10

Here’s all the content and list of cosmetics coming out in all the acts of Teamfight Tactics Remix Rumble Pass.

Riot is releasing a plethora of new unique music themed content and cosmetics for it’s massive set update, Remix Rumble. With no mid-set updates a single set will now last 4 months, giving Riot the chance to come up with ‘Acts’, as in seasons. Each Act the Teamfight Tactics Remix Rumble Pass will get refreshed with tiers full of new content, champions, legends and cosmetics to unlock.IMG 9098

Teamfight Tactics Remix Rumble Pass Act 1

The Remix Rumble pass will feature 29 tiers of rewards for players to unlockPaid Pass exclusive Arena – Neon Club
Upon reaching the end of the paid tier of the Remix Rumble Pass “Act 1+”, players will unlock access to an all exclusive TFT arena called the Neon Club. The neon-lit arena will feature interactable elements and several “subwoofer gold mines”, along with an all exclusive ambient electronic music track to compliment Set 10’s music-centric theme.

There will be around 29 tiers of content in the Teamfight Tactics Remix Rumble Battle Pass. The free version of the pass will come with 10 tiers of unlockable content, while purchasing the Act 1 pass+ AKA the paid tier will give the player 19 new tiers of content to unlock. There will also be 3 bonus tiers.

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Players who purchase the paid tier of the Act 1 Pass will get access to a K/DA Practice Room, along with three Little Legends. Emo Chonc, DJ Gloop, and a Pentakill Ao Shin. The paid tier of the Remix Rumble Pass will also grant fans a Legendary Little Legend Egg, 400 Star Shards, and 500 Treasure Tokens.

Teamfight Tactics Remix Rumble Pass Little Legend Scratch
Image via Riot Games

The Remix Rumble Pass+: Act 1 will available in the shop for players to purchase at 1295 RP. However, for 6295 RP, the pass is also included in a bundle that includes the “Get Caked” Boom, the Scratch Little Legend and 200 Treasure Tokens and 200 Star Shards.

             Bundle                     Contents            Cost
Mixmaster Bundle Scratch

Get Caked

Remix Rumble Pass+: Act 1

200 Treasure Tokens

200 Star Shards

   6295 RP/TC
Boba Bundle Boba Sprite

Boba Blast 1-Star

Boba Blast 2-Star

Boba Blast 3-Star

1300 RP/TC
Choncc's Welcome Choncc 1 Star

100 Bonus Star Shards

Act 1 Pass ends on January 23 at 12am PT, giving players a little more than 2 months to unlock all the content.

Teamfight Tactics Remix Rumble Pass Act 2

The second Pass begins on January 24th at Pacific time, just 11 hours after the first Act ends. Purchasing the paid version of the Battle pass, i.e Act 2 Pass+ will allow players to receive 600 Treasure Tokens, 400 Star Shards. There will also be multiple Booms, Emotes, and Tacticians for the player.

The Act 2 Pass+ comes with a total of 600 Treasure Tokens, 400 Star Shards, and a party of fun Booms, Emotes, and Tacticians. The pass also grants two EDM themed Arenas – the True Damage Sound Studio and Pentakill: Backstage. There will also be a Legendary Umbra Variant named Mixmaster Umbra, along with a Sona variant called the Mixmaster Sona.

TFT Remix Rumble Pass Act 2 will end with Set 10.

Teamfight Tactics Remix Rumble Release Date

Set 10, Remix Rumble is slated to arrive on live servers with Patch 13.23 on Tuesday, November 21. The massive EDM music themed Set update follows Riot’s three-sets a year model, and will last for 4 months. With their new announcement, Riot has revealed that there will no longer be mid-set updates.

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