Team Liquid And Marvel Unveil New Apparel Line

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Team Liquid And Marvel Unveil New Apparel Line

TL and Marvel's partnership is in for another merch line.

Team Liquid announced today that they're releasing a new set of Marvel-based apparel. Their partnership with Marvel started last year, where TL showcased their first merch line during a live LCS match. Now, another line of jerseys is available for purchase.

This new merch features an exclusive set of customizable jerseys with designs from the X-Men and the Avengers. Some of the highlighted characters are the Hulk, Thor, Iron Man, Spider-Man and Captain America. The designs are all unique and feature their respective superheroes' colors, along with the Team Liquid logo and the heroes' logo across from it.

Team Liquid LCS player Broxah wearing a green TL Hulk hoodie

There has been a bunch of merch dropped with the partnership so far. This current line certainly delivers and looks great. Eager fans can already look at and purchase the new apparel at the Team Liquid X Marvel store, where they can find these jerseys selling for $84, whereas the hoodies for the collection run for $99.

In addition, some of the Team Liquid teams will be wearing the jerseys in their games this weekend. In fact, the TL League of Legends LCS squad will all be in the Hulk jerseys, as pictured above, in their match versus CLG.

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