Team BDS Wins Worlds Qualifying Series in 3-0 Clean Sweep

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Team BDS Wins Worlds Qualifying Series in 3-0 Clean Sweep

The Swiss org will join the rest of the teams in Seoul for the Worlds 2023 Play-Ins tomorrow. Team BDS is the Worlds Qualifying Series winner

Team BDS is going to their first-ever Worlds Championship after a dominant win against Golden Quardians.

Team BDS won a triumphant series against their LCS adversaries Golden Guardians in a complete sweep in the Worlds Qualifying Series. The first-ever WQS saw two teams from the West clash for the last spot in the World Championships this year. Both teams duked it out on the Rift a day before the global tournament commences, and it's official; BDS fans will see Adam and co join the stage.

The regional rivalry was intense as both teams constantly fought for objectives and lane kills throughout the bo5. After 2 dominant matches, Team BDS immediately took the reins of the third and final fight by setting up early ganks. GG answered by aggressively controlling neutral objectives to find any sort of lead. But it all went sideways when they sacrificed their towers to secure a drake. Ultimately, the 2k gold difference spelled doom for Golden Guardians as Team BDS' top and midlaners proved too powerful to handle.

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This victory tastes especially sweet to the BDS roster, as their previous chance at an international stage was denied from them by MAD Lions when the LEC teams were competing for MSI 2023 spots.

Team BDS won in the Regular Season of the  LEC's Spring Split back in March before they pinched the silver medal in the Playoffs. This momentum eventually gave the team enough championship points to place amongst the top 3 teams in EMEA, but that's no surprise to their fans.

Support for the roster has remained strong throughout the season due to Adam's raw power as a top-lane carry. The French player's expertise on Olaf and Garen has allowed his team to go toe-to-toe against some of the world's best players, but he's not the only talent in BDS' current roster. The team's ADC Crownie has also kept the best in the region on their toes with fast plays on Zeri and Ezreal, two very high-skill champs.

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Team BDS will fly to Seoul where they'll clash with the best in the VCS, PCS, LJL, CBLoL and LLA for a chance to proceed to the Swiss stage. The Worlds 2023 Play-Ins will run from October 10-15 at LoL Park in Seoul, Korea.

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Team BDS Wins Worlds Qualifying Series in 3-0 Clean Sweep
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