Tarkov Arena Release Date – Its Happening

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Tarkov Arena Release Date – Its Happening

We finally have a Tarkov Arena Release Date. Learn everything there is to know about BSG's competitive take on Escape from Tarkov and how you might be able to get in.

This is a big week for Battlestate Games, not only are we just getting ready for the next wipe of their popular extraction shooter Escape from Tarkov but they're also holding their first official esports event around its spinoff title Tarkov Arena.

But Tarkov Arena isn't out yet, right? Well, that's about to change. On the second day of the 100.000$ USD tournament held at Dreamhack Hannover in Germany, BSG boss and Tarkov lead developer Nikita announced that the closed beta of Tarkov Arena would launch right after the tournament wrapped.

Tarkov Arena Release Date

The new Tarkov Arena mode is expected to be released on December 17, 2023, right after the finals of the Dreamhack Hannover Invitational finals. The new mode will be available to all owners of the Escape from Tarkov Edge of Darkness Edition as well as anyone who has purchased the title separately on the website for 37€ EUR.

Since the game is in such high demand, please keep in mind that servers might not be stable for a couple of days as players try to jump in at once.

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Tarkov Arena Modes

The new Arena title will launch with 5 different game modes, some casual others even offering a competitive ranked system.


A tournament-style mode where several teams play each other in solo, duo, or trio modes against each other in a round-robin format. The two teams with the most points will then face off against each other.


The classic 5v5 format you might know from other titles with a little twist. Players play 7 rounds against each other in a series and try to capture points on the map while under the gun of a timer.


A coop PvE mission where 5 players need to find and clear out locations from waves upon waves of enemies and complete objectives before extracting from the map.

Last Hero

In a classic deathmatch mode, players fight in a free-for against each other to score points. Whoever has the most points at the end wins.


In a classic Thunderdome situation, two go in and one comes out as the victor. More info coming soon.

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Tarkov Arena Ranked

The new arena game will also feature a ranked mode which has become quite common in competitive online games and Arena aims to release one from the go. How far those ranks go we have yet to see as well as what and how the perks work out.

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Crossing over with Escape from Tarkov

So how will all of this play into the main game of EFT? According to a blog post, players will be able to play as their own mercenary in the Arena. There'll also be missions and daily tasks based on the new mode but we don't know yet if those will be available at launch.

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Do keep in mind that both these modes are intended to be standalone experiences and you don't one to enjoy the other. In fact, Arena operates on a very different weapon balance, movement, and net code. The team did confirm that some of the bigger updates, something like inertia, new aiming animations, and so on will be developed for both games simultaneously.

We'll have a full rundown of everything you need to know about Arena and how it crosses over into your progression in EFT as soon as more information becomes available.

And that's all you need to know about the launch of EFT Arena. For more on BSG's extraction shooter check out our summary of the most recent episode of Tarkov TV and stay tuned on ESTNN for more info on the upcoming wipe.

Tarkov Arena Release Date – Its Happening
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