SypherPK & NickEh30 Believe Fortnite Should Use Apex Legends’ Ranking System

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SypherPK & NickEh30 Believe Fortnite Should Use Apex Legends’ Ranking System

Fortnite content creators NickEh30 and SypherPK call for an Arena Mode ranked match system similar to Apex Legends.

Fortnite Battle Royale's Arena Mode is far from perfect, and it's been a topic of discussion for some time. Most competitive shooters such as Rainbow Six: Siege offer incentives to players when progressing through the ranks. Siege is intense mainly because the game rewards players handsomely with higher ranks and cosmetic prizes for winning and punishes them for losing. Another game—Apex Legends—follows a similar format and is a Battle Royale game like Fortnite.

Unlike Fortnite, Apex offers in-game rewards for success in ranked matches, making it imperative for players to try their best to win matches. In Fortnite, achieving Champion League in Arena Mode yields nothing more than some “Hype” points and entrance into high-stakes tournaments. Many reputable names within the Fortnite scene are calling for an Arena Mode overhaul to incentivize success and punish failure—one that would mirror rival game Apex Legends.

SypherPK & NickEh30 Ask for Apex-Style Ranked Mode

There's been talk recently in the Fortnite scene regarding a much-needed Arena Mode adjustment. The content creator and Fortnite ‘OG' Ali “SypherPK” Hassan made his opinions known today via Twitter, where he suggested an Apex-style ranking system in Fortnite.

“Fortnite could really use a proper ranked mode similar to how Apex Legends does it. Imagine every Arena match actually having stacked endgame with a leaderboard that's hard to climb but rewards those who do well,” he wrote.

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It's an honest request, and Sypher is not alone. Many figures within the professional scene believe Arena Mode has become stale. The reason being that in-game changes don't happen as often in Fortnite. Additionally, there is not much to do after reaching Champion League. Fellow content creator Nick “NickEh30” Amyoony added to Sypher's request in a Twitter response.

“Agreed. Even exclusive cosmetics:

– 10,000 points unlocks arena pickaxe

– 20,000 unlocks arena backbling

– 50,000 unlocks skin”

If vbucks per win can't be done, new cosmetics every season to show off progress so ppl want to get points and play out end games would be amazing,” he responded. NickEh30's suggestion is similar to cosmetic prizes in other games like Rainbow Six: Siege, which we mentioned earlier. Epic could make it happen, but the question is, will they? It’s a question that has no clear answer at this stage, but some believe it won’t happen.

Will Epic Adjust Arena Mode?

An improved ranking system seems like a no-brainer, but competitive Fortnite is objectively more challenging than most games. It's worth considering that the game draws a generally lower age demographic, so not all players would necessarily pursue the Arena Mode rewards. Professional player Jonathan “BBG Calc” Weber agreed with Sypher but didn't think Epic will change Arena Mode.

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“Epic should really do it but at this point I'm convinced they don't want to do it, people quit fortnite in the first place because of how hard it got for them, and epic thinks making a game mode that's even harder is a bad thing, or Atleast [sic] that's the impression I get,” he wrote in a Twitter response.

The topic is interesting to discuss at the very least. Epic has made countless questionable decisions in Fortnite's four-year history. However, the competitive landscape is arguably more balanced than its ever been. With key figures such as SypherPK and NickEh30 giving their recommendations, Epic Games may consider them.

Fortnite Chapter 2 – Season 8 is due for release on September 12, so we'll have to see what the developers have in store for players.

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