Summer Games 2020 is Bringing the Heat to Overwatch

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Summer Games 2020 is Bringing the Heat to Overwatch

Overwatch’s Summer Games event is back and brings all the sun-soaked, beach themed skins you could think of.

The Summer Games seasonal event is a fan-favorite and is back on the live client until Aug. 26. Two years ago fans were blessed with Grillmaster: 76, and this year is Pharah’s time in the sun. Along with it came the Rocket League themed game mode Lucioball and a bevy of new skins including lifeguard Pharah and fisher Brigitte to fit the oceanic theme.

There are five Legendary Skins in total: Tropical Baptiste, Lifeguard Pharah, Feskarn Brigitte, Karate Doomfist, Surf’s Up Echo. When Blizzard teased the Lifeguard Pharah Skin on Twitter, fans went nuts. Pharah has swapped out her heavy armor for light padding and her iconic rockets. Surf’s Up Echo is a personal favorite, sculpted to resemble the Olympic torch, and surfboard wings. Each of the Legendary skins will cost a hefty 3,000 coins so get your grind on or choose carefully. If you choose to grind, there are additional rewards that can be acquired each week. In week one, from Aug. 4-11, players can earn the Union Jack Tracer skin after winning nine games. From Aug. 11-18, the Sand Castle Bastion skin is up for grabs, and the last week from Aug. 18-26, Ice Cream Orisa is the cherry on top of the event. Along the way, you will earn player icons and sprays related to the hero skin of the week.

Lúcioball is Back

Lúcioball is back with a new flare, remixed, and ready for action. The new Lúcioball Remix mode takes a fast and chaotic spin on the old game mode. Lucioball Remix throws two balls instead of one in the arena. Bonus balls spawn randomly and are worth three points each. After the opposition scores a goal, players no longer reset but instead keep going in a chaotic free-for-all. Lúcio received a few changes specific to Lúcioball that add more momentum and control to his toolkit. Lúcio can crouch in the air to lunge towards the ground, his cooldowns have been decreased, the boop and melee range have been increased, Lúcio moves faster, and jump pads will send him higher than before.

Any items from the Summer Games of previous years are available for purchase. The Summer Games event runs from Aug. 4-26 and brings a light-hearted tone to the shooter title.

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