Strongest Hunter in Each Type DMC: Peak of Combat

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Strongest Hunter in Each Type DMC: Peak of Combat

DMC Peak of Combat features characters with multiple typings. We will be looking into the best character in each elemental type

Elemental types are a common mechanic featured in many games. Devil May Cry (DMC): Peak of Combat is one of those games. A completely new addition to the Devil May Cry series, characters, called hunters in-game, have different elemental types. The elemental types have unique attributes and status conditions. These types allow versatility in battle.

The elemental types in the game are physical, electric, fire and ice. There are multiple characters in each elemental type (except ice) and we are going to find out who is the best for each type.

Strongest Hunter for Each Type:

We are basing the strongest hunter on their versatile move set, their strength alone in a fight and combo potential.


Strongest Hunter in Each Type DMC: Peak of Combat
Credit: NebulaJoy

Fists of Salvation Dante

Type: Fire

QTE: Rising Dragon and Falling Hammer

Style Skill: Switch Between Punch and Kick

Ultimate: Sin Rising Dragon

Fist of Salvation Dante is a Fire-type character with two stances: one focused on main damage per second (DPS) and the other for support. He utilizes abilities like Air Hike and Trick Up, triggered by holding the Evasion button. His QTE, Rising Dragon and Falling Hammer, activates when an enemy is Burning or Eliminated.

In the Punching Form, Dante performs a three-hit combo with the option to hold attacks for more damage and launches. While airborne, he executes a five-hit combo. Switching between Punches and Kicks is done by pressing the Skill button. The Kick Form mirrors Punches with a three-hit ground combo, a hold for the launcher, a five-hit air combo, and a hold for a spike.

Dante's Punching Form attacks effectively break shields, while Kicking Form attacks swiftly restore MP. Upon reaching full MP, players can unleash his ultimate skill, Sin Rising Dragon, a smaller area of effect (AOE) attack causing significant Fire damage and instantly filling the Burn Gauge.


Strongest Hunter in Each Type DMC: Peak of Combat
Credit: NebulaJoy

Nomadic Lightning Vergil

Type: Electric

QTE: Drive

Style Skill: Round

Ultimate: Devil Trigger

Nomadic Lightning Vergil functions as an Electric-type DPS character, bringing additional support capabilities through the utilization of a Style Skill named Round. In terms of mobility, Vergil is equipped with a single jump and a standard Dash. However, his aerial Dash provides a stylish double jump known as Rise, adding agility to his movements.

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Vergil's combat prowess manifests in a six-hit ground combo and an air combo that culminates in a knockdown. Holding the attack button during combat initiates a launcher, seamlessly transitioning into an air combo that concludes with a knockdown effect.

The character's QTE, Drive, activates when an enemy is paralyzed or eliminated by a hunter of the same type. This dynamic event involves the emission of projectiles from Vergil's sword, allowing for a subsequent follow-up by pressing and holding the attack button.

Vergil's Ultimate Skill named Devil Trigger, significantly enhances his resilience while simultaneously amplifying Electric Damage output.


Strongest Hunter in Each Type DMC: Peak of Combat
Credit: NebulaJoy

Frosty Grace Lady

Type: Ice

QTE: Double Barrel Strike

Style Skill: Dual Pistol Fire and Frozen Vortex

Ultimate: Dance of Snow

Frosty Grace Lady is the only Ice-type hunter in the game so far. She stands out as one of the most agile characters within the game, showcasing exceptional mobility as she effortlessly zips around the arena. Her primary focus lies in inflicting constant ice damage on enemies while concurrently serving as a valuable support to her team. Lady excels in swiftly dismantling enemy shields and consistently applying debilitating status conditions.

Lady's combat prowess includes a 3-hit ground combo, complemented by the ability to launch enemies into the air, where she executes an impactful 4-hit combo. Upon successfully chilling her adversaries, Lady unveils her QTE, the Double Barrel Strike, which not only immobilizes enemies but also opens up opportunities for extended combos.

A distinctive aspect of Lady's skill set is her Style Skill, capable of slowing down hordes of enemies. This not only makes it easier for Lady to engage them but also sets the stage for more effective team attacks. Additionally, her Ultimate skill, Dance of Snow, boasts a substantial area of effect (AOE), delivering significant ice damage to enemies while providing a valuable buff to her teammates' ultimate abilities.

In essence, Frost Grace Lady emerges as a multifaceted character, seamlessly blending mobility, crowd control, and substantial damage output. Her strategic utility extends beyond individual combat, contributing significantly to team synergy and success, making her a compelling and versatile choice for various stages of the game.

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Strongest Hunter in Each Type DMC: Peak of Combat
Credit: NebulaJoy

Endless Judgement Vergil

Type: Physical

QTE: Floating Shadow Strike

Style Skill: Storm Swords and Spirl Swords

Ultimate: Judgement Cut End

Endless Judgement Vergil stands out as the game’s most formidable character, wielding unparalleled strength and unique teleportation abilities. With the capability to trick up, trick down, and dash across the arena, Vergil possesses a concentration gauge reminiscent of the original games, enabling him to unleash powerful moves.

Among his impressive arsenal is the Judgement Cut, a space-and-time-warping technique inflicting multiple cuts on enemies while stacking bleeding damage with each use. Perfectly timed Judgement Cuts allow for consecutive executions. Vergil can also summon a doppelganger that mimics his movements, facilitating the unleashing of multiple Judgement Cuts.

Vergil's Style Skills, namely Storm Swords and Spiral Swords, deliver incredible damage. Storm Swords materialize around enemies, stabbing them and launching them into the air. Spiral Swords, on the other hand, summons blades around Vergil, damaging any nearby enemies while allowing him to attack simultaneously.

His ultimate move, Judgement Cut End boasts a large area of effect (AOE). This move not only inflicts bleeding on all enemies within range but also replenishes Vergil's concentration gauge, enabling the execution of multiple regular Judgement Cuts.

Remarkably, Vergil distinguishes himself as one of the few characters in the game capable of excelling without team support. His ability to extend his own combos, coupled with unmatched damage output and flashy maneuvers, solidifies his status as the most potent and self-sufficient character in the game.


Devil May Cry: Peak of Combat provides a lot of new ways to play the game. The elemental typings are a new way to experience our old demon hunters in a new way. These types add a new layer of depth to the already amazing DMC formula. The types can work in unison with other characters of different abilities. Combining the powers of these characters makes a team filled with powerhouses that can be used to beat almost any level in the game.

Or just use Vergil, because he is the one who is the storm that is approaching.

Strongest Hunter in Each Type DMC: Peak of Combat
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