Devil May Cry: Peak of Combat, All Unlockable Characters

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Devil May Cry: Peak of Combat, All Unlockable Characters

Devil May Cry: Peak of Combat has multiple characters that enhance gameplay- we’ll be looking into all unlockable characters and their movesets

Devil May Cry (DMC): Peak of Combat is DMC’s first entry into the mobile game scene. The game brings forward multiple amazing characters from the iconic series. Each character in the game also has a few variations featuring unique weapons, movesets, and costumes.

DMC: Peak of Combat introduces a new mechanic into the popular series. It switches out weapons switching with character switching. The new mechanic requires players to mix and match up to three characters during combat. These characters can also be three different variations of the same character.

Devil May Cry: Peak of Combat All Unlockable Characters

The game has launched with four playable characters and their variations. These characters are Dante, Lady, Nero, and Vergil. Each variation of these characters has unique traits that make them unique from one another.

The characters have four types of abilities. They have a basic attack, a style skill, a quick time event (QTE) attack, and an ultimate attack. Additionally, each character has a typing. The types are physical, fire, ice, and electric.

The QTE is triggered when a specific condition is met for each fighter.

The characters also have unique movement options called evasive skills.


Devil May Cry: Peak of Combat, All Unlockable Characters
Credit: NebulaJoy

The protagonist of the DMC series has four different variations. Each features a different style of the Demon hunter.

Demon Hunter Dante

Type: Physical

QTE: Grand Slam

Style Skill: Stinger

Ultimate: Devil Trigger

Demon Hunter Dante is the first character the player unlocks. He teaches the players the tutorials and introduces them to the game. He is an excellent character for early game and has 3-hit combos. He also has a delayed combo. This variant of Dante can cause bleeding to his enemies and overwhelm them with a plethora of attacks. Dante’s weapon of choice is his trusty sword, Rebellion in this form.

One Man Show Dante

Type: Electric

QTE: Electric Pulse

Style Skill: Signature Performance

Ultimate: Rock of the Night

Dante wields Nevan, the devil-fueled guitar, in this version. The guitar does electric damage to his enemies via the tunes Dante plays. It has a gimmick where, as Dante fights, he charges up particular notes to fight with. When he gets two of the same notes, he does more damage with his electric attacks. If he gets different notes, it helps with meter point regen.

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Fists of Salvation Dante

Type: Fire

QTE: Rising Dragon and Falling Hammer

Style Skill: Switch Between Punch and Kick

Ultimate: Sin Rising Dragon

Dante uses his Beowulf in this state. The powerful devil punches and kicks do fire damage and can born enemies. His attacks have 3-hit combos on the ground and 5-hit combos in the air. His ultimate does massive damage and launches enemies up in the air. Dante also charges up the fire in his arms and legs to deal additional damage.

Royal Guard Dante

Type: Physical Type


Style Skill: Perfect Release

Ultimate: Devil Trigger

Royal Guard Dante is a defensive, physical fighter. He can perfectly block incoming attacks and use the stored energy against his enemies. Fans of DMC will recognize the variant to be faithful to Dante’s Royal Guard style in the main series of games.


Devil May Cry: Peak of Combat, All Unlockable Characters
Credit: NebulaJoy

Lady is the second character unlocked in the game after chapter one. She introduces the concept of character switching and is one of the fastest characters in the game.

Swift Arsenal Lady

Type: Physical Type

QTE: Spatial Explosion

Style Skill: Charge Shot

Ultimate: Moment of Detonation

As the name suggests, Swift Arsenal Lady is a weapon’s master. She is the character with the most fluid movements in the game and can continuously damage her enemies while constantly zipping around the stage. Her skills and ultimate have an area of effect (AOE) that does massive damage and slows enemies down, allowing quick switches to other characters.

Spark Ignitor Lady

Type: Fire

QTE: Storm Blast

Style Skill: Meteor Seeker

Ultimate: Full Scale Explosion

This version of Lady can do constant burn damage. Her entire kit is equipped with explosives that allow her to dish out firepower constantly. Lady has a 5-hit combo on both the ground and in the air. She gains ammunition after successfully performing the combos. The ammo allows her to throw bombs to deal with even more fire damage. All her skill moves also cause huge explosions that keep the enemies roasting.

Frosty Grace Lady

Type: Ice

QTE: Double Barrel Strike

Style Skill: Dual Pistol Fire and Frozen Vortex

Ultimate: Dance of Snow

Frost Grace Lady is an agile fighter who does ice damage to her enemies. Her attacks slow down enemies and can freeze them. Her Ultimate does an AOE and slows everyone in the field, enabling other characters to take advantage while using their ultimates.


Devil May Cry: Peak of Combat, All Unlockable Characters
Credit: NebulaJoy

Nero, the son of Vergil, also appears in this game sporting his look from DMC 3.

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Knight of the Order Nero

Type: Fire

QTE: Empowered Shot

Style Skill: Charge Shot

Ultimate: Exceed

Knight of Order Nero does fire damage. He is a skillful gunman, and most of his kit involves using his gun. Nero can also use Exceed to amp up his attacks and deal a ton of damage to his enemies while burning them to a crisp.

Devil Bringer Nero

Type: Fire

QTE: High Roller andSplit

Style Skill: Exceed

Ultimate: Devil Bringer

Devil Bringer Nero is a unique character whose Ultimate is always available. He can use it to bring enemies closer to him or bring himself toward enemies. This allows him to be a close-quarters fighter. His exceed returns in this version and does fire damage.


Devil May Cry: Peak of Combat, All Unlockable Characters
Credit: GamingonPhone

Dante’s twin brother, Vergil, also appears in this game. He is as motivated as ever and brings his concentration gauge with him.

Devil Crusher Vergil

Type: Physical

QTE: Rising Dragon and Lunar Phase

Style Skill: Heavy Rain Swords

Ultimate: Hell on Earth

Devil Crusher Vergil uses his version of Beowulf in the game. He has multiple combo options, including a 3-hit combo and delayed combos. This version of Vergil is very reminiscent of his DMC 5 variant. He shares similar moves, including the Rising Dragon and Lunar Phase, both of which are high-damage attacks.

Nomadic Lightning Vergil

Type: Electric

QTE: Drive

Style Skill: Round

Ultimate: Devil Trigger

Nomadic Lightning Vergil is a unique electrically charged variant of Vergil. He can gather up enemies in one spot and do devastating damage to them using his lightning powers.

Endless Judgement Vergil

Type: Physical

QTE: Floating Shadow Strike

Style Skill: Storm Swords and Spirl Swords

Ultimate: Judgement Cut End

Endless Judgement Vergil is the most motivated character in the game. He is also the strongest character in the game. Vergil uses his space-warping abilities in this state. His Judgment cut makes a return that can shred through enemies, causing them to become a bloody mess. He also has his spirit swords that can slice through enemies however he sees fit. His Ultimate is the Judgement Cut End. It's a move that does a massive AOE while looking incredibly stylish.

Additional Characters

DMC Peak of Combat has these characters for now. More characters are confirmed to be added by the developers and promotional trailers. Popular characters V and Trish are upcoming characters that we cannot wait to see appear.


Devil May Cry: Peak of Combat differs significantly from the mainline DMC games. However, they offer a unique way to play the series in a fresh new way. The character roster has fantastic characters that make the game worth checking out.

Devil May Cry: Peak of Combat, All Unlockable Characters
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