Everything We Know About DMC Peak of Combat

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Everything We Know About DMC Peak of Combat

After being released in China alone, DMC Peak of Combat is receiving a global release for fans of the franchise all around the world to enjoy

Devil May Cry (DMC) has been a household name for video games ever since it was first launched. With multiple successful entries in the franchise, DMC has solidified itself as one of the best game series ever created. Fans of the series have been yearning for a new game ever since DMC 5, the last game in the series as of now.

DMC Peak of Combat has been revealed to have a global release on January 10, 2024. Coming in 5 years after the release of DMC 5 and showing off promising gameplay with stunning graphics, gamers have been left with their mouths watering.

Here’s all that we know that is in store for us Devil Hunters:

What Is DMC Peak of Combat?

DMC Peak of Combat is a mobile game set to release for both Apple and Android. The game is developed by a Chinese Studio, NebulaJoy Games. However, Capcom, the original creators of the franchise are still overseeing the game.

The game initially had a beta release in China on March 9, 2019. This was at the same time as the release of Devil May Cry 5. The game followed a retelling of DMC 3 back then. Earlier this year, the game had a beta release for players worldwide to try out and enjoy. The story has been reworked from the original beta and is now an alternate timeline to DMC 3.

Release Date:

The game is scheduled for a global release on January 10, 2024, for all mobile devices. Additionally, the developers confirmed a PC version release at an undisclosed date later in the future.


The story is going to cover an alternate timeline of the Devil May Cry to avoid paradoxes with the original timeline. The developers are keeping the story under wraps in order to avoid spoiling the game before release. New characters will be continually added to the game through this game’s unique story.

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Playable Characters:

Everything We Know About DMC Peak of Combat
Credit: NebulaJoy Games

The game will feature some of the most iconic characters from the DMC series. Each character will be equipped with their weapons, combat systems, and animation sets. The characters that are set to be playable as of now are:

  • Dante: The main protagonist of the series returns for this iteration of the game. He is equipped with his iconic Rebellion and his arsenal of weaponry.
  • Vergil: Almost as synonymous as Dante, the evil twin returns to show his motivation in this game as well.
  • Nero: The son of Vergil and the second lead of both DMC 4 and 5 is also set to star in the game.
  • Lady: The human devil killer is returning sporting her iconic look from DMC 3.

The characters will also have an array of skins that can be unlocked through progress in the game.


The graphics of the game look great. While not at the level of DMC 5, the game looks fantastic, especially considering it is on mobile. The game brings in memories of the original Devil May Cry games. Additionally, each character has their personality through their expressions and emotes. They also have their unique animations during fighting.


The iconic DMC style point system is set to feature in this system. Performing stylish combos will result in better ranks and therefore better points. The game will also feature iconic DMC features such as Jump Cancelling, Just Frame Dodging, and Stylish Counter Attacks will also be returning. The game will also have a Bloody Palace like the mainline games. It will also have unique features such as co-op gameplay and person v person modes.

Although the core gameplay of DMC is still present in this version of the game, some features have been stripped down to make the game more accessible on mobile devices. The changes while not bad are different from what players are used to.

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Style Switching:

Dante’s iconic styles of combat have been reduced from four to two. The Royal Guard and Trickster. The other two, Swordsmaster and Gunslinger have been incorporated into the core combat mechanic.

Weapons carried:

Each character can equip up to 4 weapons each. This is a huge change in the gameplay as Dante usually sports up to 8 weapons at a time.

Weapons Switching:

A previously loved mechanic has been replaced with character-switching. The character switch will allow players to have multiple sets of weapons and abilities intertwined with one another as the player deems fit.


The default controls are touchscreen and take up a lot of the total visible screen. However,  a player can plug in a controller if needed. The game supports most new controllers.


Many of the original Devil May Cry songs are returning. This includes classics like Devil Never Cry. Additionally, fan-favorite composer, Casey Edwards has confirmed that he is returning as a composer for music in the game. Casey has previously composed two of the most iconic themes in the franchise and with the vocalist Victor Borba also returning, the game is set to have some amazing music.


DMC Peak of Combat is set to be an amazing addition to not just the Devil May Cry franchise but mobile games as a whole. Boasting DMC’s unique gameplay, no mobile game prior has had the luxury to boast such in-depth combat. The game is already stirring up fans around the world and by release, it will change the world of mobile gaming as we know it.

Everything We Know About DMC Peak of Combat
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