Who is The Strongest Character in DMC: Peak of Combat?

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Who is The Strongest Character in DMC: Peak of Combat?

Who is the strongest character in Devil May Cry: Peak of Combat – let’s find out

Devil May Cry (DMC): Peak of Combat marks the franchise's debut in the mobile gaming industry and promises an exciting and action-packed experience. The game features an array of legendary characters from the iconic franchise, each with their own unique abilities and playstyle. Moreover, the characters also come in different variants, providing players with a diverse and extensive roster of characters to choose from and master.

The diverse cast of characters in the game draws inspiration from their various iterations throughout the years. Each character's appearance and abilities are influenced by the games they have appeared in previously, as well as the weapons they have wielded throughout the entire Devil May Cry series.

Who is the Strongest Character in DMC: Peak of Combat?

In this analysis, we will delve into the game's most impressive characters, evaluating their unique abilities and how they contribute to the effectiveness of the team. Our ranking criteria primarily emphasize the characters' stylish techniques, as well as their overall usefulness to the group.

3. Demon Hunter Dante

Who is The Strongest Character in DMC: Peak of Combat?

Credit: NebulaJoy

Type: Physical

QTE: Grand Slam

Style Skill: Stinger

Ultimate: Devil Trigger

Demon Huner Dante is the first character the player unlocks. He is one of the most accessible characters to master due to how long players get to use him. He is extremely useful in the early game and, once upgraded, can be helpful later. Dante has a 3-hit combo on the ground and also has a delayed combo. The delayed combo extends the base combo and makes it stronger.

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Dante’s Style Skill can help him close the gap between his enemies and prepare for the following combo. Dante can also do multiple hits using the stinger if the attack button is mashed for a devastating attack.

Dante’s Devil Trigger is ripped straight from the other games, which makes his attacks stronger. He also looks reptilian and has additional attacks in his arsenal. His aerial combos do five hits.

2. Lady Frost Grace

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Credit: NebulaJoy

Type: Ice

QTE: Double Barrel Strike

Style Skill: Dual Pistol Fire and Frozen Vortex

Ultimate: Dance of Snow

Frost Grace Lady is one of the most mobile characters in the game. She can zip around the arena and slow enemies down while doing constant ice damage. She supports her team by quickly melting through their shields while constantly applying status conditions to them.

Lady has a 3-hit ground combo and can launch enemies in the air, where she can do a 4-hit combo. Once she completely chills her enemies, she has her QTE Double Barrel Strike, which can keep enemies in place and allow further combos.

Her Style Skill can slow down hordes of enemies and make it easier to attack them. Her Ultimate Dance of Snow does damage with a massive area of effect (AOE). She does a lot of ice damage to her enemies and buffs her teammates’ ultimates.

1. Endless Judgement Vergil

Who is The Strongest Character in DMC: Peak of Combat?

Credit: NebulaJoy

Type: Physical

QTE: Floating Shadow Strike

Style Skill: Storm Swords and Spiral Swords

Ultimate: Judgment Cut End

Endless Judgement Vergil is by far the strongest character on the team. He can teleport using his abilities. He can trick up, trick down, and dash around the arena. Vergil also has a concentration gauge straight from the games, which allows him to do some sick moves.

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Vergil can perform the Judgement Cut, a move that warps space and time to cause multiple cuts to the enemy. Judgement Cut also stacks bleeding damage every time it is used. Perfect timing, a Judgement Cut will allow you to use it multiple times. Vergil can also summon his doppelganger, who copies his movements and allows multiple judgment cuts.

His style skills are Storm Swords and Spiral Swords. Both of which can do incredible damage to enemies. Storm Swords can appear around Vergil’s enemies and stab into them, launching them into the air. His other Style Skill, Spiral Swords, summons swords around him. Any enemy within his radius gets damaged. He can also attack enemies while using his swords.
Vergil’s Ultimate Judgement Cut End is his iconic move from Devil May Cry 5. It has a large AOE. He causes bleeding to every enemy in the area and refills his concentration gauge, allowing for multiple regular Judgment Cuts.

Vergil is one of the only characters in the game who does not need a team to do well in the game. He can extend his own combos without the help of his teammates. He does the most damage and has the flashiest combos in the game.


DMC Peak of Combat is a game that allows players to choose from a variety of characters. Each character has their strengths and weaknesses, making them unique and viable in their own way. While some characters may excel in certain areas, the game's character-switching mechanic allows players to use different characters to suit their playstyle or the situation they are in. This feature enables players to enjoy the game to the fullest and explore other ways to approach challenges. Ultimately, the game's multiple character combinations provide a diverse and exciting gameplay experience.

Who is The Strongest Character in DMC: Peak of Combat?
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