SteamWorld Build Engineer Buildings Guide

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SteamWorld Build Engineer Buildings Guide

After having told you about the Worker Buildings, the time has come to say a few words about the SteamWorld Build Engineer Buildings. In fact, these buildings are very important as soon as you exit the very early stages of the game and have also become familiar with the exploration of the Dusty Caverns. Therefore, the time has come to take a step forward and make your city even more complete and efficient.

All SteamWorld Build Engineer Buildings explained

In this category, there are fifteen different Egineer Buildings, each with its own functionality and characteristics. In this article, therefore, we have decided to provide you with a general overview of them so that you have clearer ideas when you have to continue building your city.

Paved Road

As you can imagine, the Paved Road is an upgrade of the Dirt Road. This is a very important upgrade in which you will have to invest from the beginning, as it will give you the possibility of increasing the effectiveness of services between the various buildings, reaching a maximum of 38 road tiles. Additionally, bots will also be able to move faster than before, meaning they are able to make more deliveries in less time.

Engineer Residential Upgrade

Different from regular buildings, you don't construct this one from scratch. Instead, you improve an already existing Worker Residential by using the specified resources. It's important to mention that Worker Residential must be completely happy to be eligible for an upgrade. Similarly, this building can be further upgraded into an Aristobot Residential when it reaches 100 percent happiness and meets a high enough Milestone.

Similar to the Worker Residential, this structure will have a set of changing conditions to keep the Steambot happy and maintain the population. As you achieve new Milestones, the number of conditions will increase, but so will the overall tax income and Engineer population.

Sand Sifting Factory

This building works very similarly to that of the Forester. In fact, in order to be built, it needs an open space of sand around it to be 100% effective. This is important because this building will be able to produce Sand (as you can imagine from the name) which you will need for the creation of Glassware and Thread.

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SteamWorld Build engineer buildings


You cannot fail to have a Glassblower in your SteamWorld Build city. This building, in fact, will allow you to create Glassware (thanks to the use of the Sand produced by the Sand Sifting Factory) which, in turn, is necessary for the creation of resources such as Moonshine, which is of vital importance for the economy of your city.


This is one of the first Engineer Buildings that needs more than one resource. It turns Cactus Water into glass bottles, creating the Moonshine resource. Moonshine makes Engineers happy, and one building can make enough Moonshine for 25 Engineer Residentials.


This SteamWorld Build building can be constructed without using moonshine. An important thing to know about the Saloon is that all Engineer Residentials within its radius will have benefits. Furthermore, if you connect it with Paved Roads, you can extend its service radius.

Tool Maker

As you continue playing, Tools will become even more important because they're used for lots of stuff such as making roads, buildings, and underground facilities. Especially in the early part of the game, having two Tool Makers busy might be a smart move, at least until you reach the Aristobot phase. To get more Tools, you can explore the underground levels and dig up dirt nodes. Some of these nodes have Tools hidden in them, helping you build and upgrade things more easily.

SteamWorld Build engineer buildings

Surveyor Office

Once you get to Milestone 6, the Engineers will start to develop other interests besides alcohol, so you will have the opportunity to build another type of service building. The Surveyor Office will provide happiness to all Engineers within range, so be sure to make use of it as you build your city in SteamWorld Build.

Pickaxe Maker

Now that you've had a chance to check out the Dusty Caverns in the underground mines of SteamWorld Build, you probably saw that Miners use a Pickaxe to dig through Sandstone. Sandstone is everywhere in the mines, so it's a good idea to keep a bunch of Pickaxes with you until you finish exploring each floor. Since Miners need more Engineers than usual, think about putting an Item on this building that makes it so you don't need as many workers. This way, you can manage the workforce more efficiently while keeping the mining operation running smoothly.

Sheet Metal Factory

Sheet Metal is a crucial material for various buildings in SteamWorld Build, but you'll find it especially important when it comes to building Bridges. In the mines, there are often gaps or big openings that your bots can't cross by themselves. That's where Bridges come in handy – they help your bots get across these gaps, but they require Sheet Metal and a few other resources to be constructed. So, make sure to keep a good supply of Sheet Metal if you plan on building bridges to connect different areas in the SteamWorld Build mines.

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Spare Parts Maker

In SteamWorld Build, Spare Parts are another very useful resource to keep Engineers happy. Although they take a long time to produce, each Residential only needs 0.05 per building, so with one resource you can satisfy 20 different Residentials.

Water Purifier

This structure plays a vital role in purifying the Dirty Water you gather from the underground mines. To get the resource, you have to construct a Dirty Water Extractor right on a Dirty Water Vein. This option becomes available at the same level as the Water Purifier, and it needs a Workshop and an Engineer to be built. Water isn't just used in a few crafting recipes; it's also something that makes Engineers happy. They use 0.1 Water per Residential per cycle. So, if you have one Water Purifier, it can support happiness for up to 20 Engineer Residentials.

SteamWorld Build engineer buildings

Wash Service Shop

Similar to other Service buildings in SteamWorld Build, this particular one plays a crucial role in enhancing Engineer happiness in SteamWorld Build, resulting in increased tax revenue and a larger population. Interestingly, this Service building stands out because it is one of the few that the Aristobot type also needs. So, besides contributing to overall Engineer happiness, it serves a unique and essential role in meeting the requirements of Aristobots, adding another layer of significance to its function in the game.

Cattle Farm

Although the science behind it isn't entirely clear, the Cattle Farm somehow “grows” robot cows that are later turned into Robot Steak. After that, the Robot Steak is used to make a Robo Burger, which makes Engineers happy. Similar to the Cactus Farm, this building has three fields that should be set up for it to work at its best. It's important that at least one field is touching the building, and all the fields need to be connected.

Burger Meister

The Robo Burger is as intricate as it gets when it comes to making Engineers happy. It's in a tie with Moonshine, as both involve two resources going through two rounds of conversion, making them quite complex. After meeting the Robo Burger requirement, you've covered all the Happiness needs for Engineers in SteamWorld Build.

SteamWorld Build engineer buildings

SteamWorld Build Engineer Buildings Guide
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