Starfield How to Recruit All Companions

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Starfield How to Recruit All Companions

Starfield allows you to tackle the vastness of activities that are present within it with the support of some friends. In the game, in fact, it is possible to recruit a maximum of 20 companions who will be able to give you a hand during your adventure. For this reason, therefore, we have decided to create this article in which we explain how to recruit all companions in Starfield so that you can feel less alone in the infinite universe of the Bethesda game.

How to recruit all companions in Starfield

First of all, a distinction must be made regarding the type of companions. There are those that you can recruit during the main missions, those that can only be recruited if you complete specific side missions, and those that can simply be hired. Note well that to hire a companion you will need a fair amount of credits available, but you can lower the credits needed by making use of the persuasion system.

Story companions

Below, we will explain in detail how to recruit all the companions related to the game's missions, whether they are main or secondary.

How to recruit Sarah Morgan

In order to ask Sarah Morgan to join your crew, you must first complete the main quest The Old Neighborhood. Once you have acquired the second artifact of the game in Cedonia, in the Solar System, Sarah will decide that your cause is hers to her liking and she will decide to take part in your adventure. Once you add the artifact to the collection in New Atlantis, therefore, you will have the possibility to ask her to be part of your crew.

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starfield sarah morgan

How to recruit Vasco

Vasco is the first companion you will travel with once you leave Vectera and will accompany you until you arrive in New Atlantis. Once you have completed the One Small Step mission and arrived at The Lodge, return to the Constellation Headquarters in New Atlantis to speak with Vasco and accept his request to become part of your team.

starfield vasco

How to recruit Sam Coe

In order to recruit Sam Coe, you must first complete The Empty Nest mission. Once you have completed all mission objectives with him, return to The Lodge after speaking with Sam in New Atlantis, in order to have a chance to be able to recruit him into your crew.

starfield sam coe

How to recruit Barrett

Barrett will only be able to join your crew after completing the Back to Vectera mission, although he will be one of the first characters you will meet during your adventure. Once the mission is complete, you can ask Barrett to join your crew.

starfield barrett

How to recruit Andreja

In order to recruit Andreja, you must have completed the main quest Into the Unknown. Complete the mission with her before taking the artifact to The Lodge and once you've seen all the cutscenes, talk to her to ask her to become one of your companions.

starfield andreja

How to recruit Heller

During the Back to Vectera mission, you will have the ability to recruit Heller. Once back on Vectera, decipher the signal to find Heller and once you do, he will compensate you by offering his services as one of the characters that can be recruited to join your crew.

starfield heller

How to recruit Lin

Lin is another character that can be recruited during the Back to Vectera mission. Return to Argos Extractors to decipher the signal and find it. Once this is done, before leaving, talk to her to ask her to be part of your crew.

starfield lin

How to recruit the Adoring Fan

In order to recruit this character, all you have to do is choose the Hero Worshiped trait when you are creating your character. If you have this trait equipped, the Adoring Fan can be found during your first visit to New Atlantis in the One Small Step mission. In case you didn't meet him on this occasion, you will after finishing The Old Neighborhood quest.

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starfield adoring fan

How to recruit Rafael Aguerro

You will first meet this character during the Entangled mission. Telling you exactly what you will have to do in this mission would be spoilery so we will just say that at the end of the mission you will be presented with a choice: if you choose Rafael, this will allow you to recruit him to your team.

starfield rafael aguerro

Hireable companions

Companions that can be hired can be found at various locations in the Starfield game world. If you want to know how to recruit all the companions in Starfield, you cannot fail to consider this type of companion as well. Keep well in mind that, however, obviously, being characters that you will assume, they will have a cost that can vary between 6,000 and 18,000 credits.

For ease of use, we've decided to divide the companions you can hire based on the location where they can be found. Below, therefore, here is a list with all the characters.

New Atlantis companions

  • Marika Boros – The Viewport, New Atlantis, Jemison (Alpha Centauri System)
  • Simeon Bankowski – The Viewport, New Atlantis, Jemison (Alpha Centauri System)
  • Gideon Aker – The Viewport, New Atlantis, Jemison (Alpha Centauri System)

Cydonia companions

  • Andromeda Kepler – The Broken Spear, Cydonia (Sol System)

Akila companions

  • Omari Hassan – The Hitching Post in Akila (Cheyenne System)
  • Rosie Tennehill – The Hitching Post in Akila (Cheyenne System)

Neon companions

  • Mickey Caviar – The Astral Lounge, Neon, Volii Alpha (Volii System)
  • Sophia Grace – Madame Sauvage’s Place, Neon, Volii Alpha (Volii System)
  • Dani Garcia – Madame Sauvage’s Place, Neon, Volii Alpha (Volii System)

The Key companions

  • Jessamine Griffin – Last Nova, The Key, (Kryx Star System)
Starfield How to Recruit All Companions
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