Sony Unveils Plans to Reduce Total Number of PS5 Consoles

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Sony Unveils Plans to Reduce Total Number of PS5 Consoles

It looks like Sony’s plans for the PlayStation 5 console will be changing.

In a new report released earlier today, Sony unveiled plans to reduce the total number of PS5 consoles produced this year. Less than 6 million in fact.

While many fans and eagerly-hyped buyers chalked the delay up to the impact of COVID-19, Sony was quick to dismiss such rumors. The real reason? Apparently, parts are becoming expensive to get a hold of.

Game developers revealed in the aforementioned report that they believe the price of the console will eventually be between $499 and $549. However, the final price is still up in the air as the Sony team continues to work and push forward towards finalizing completion.

The company revealed to assembly partners that it would make 5 to 6 million units of the PS5 in the fiscal year ending March 2021, according to other people involved in the machine’s supply chain. When Sony released the PlayStation 4 in November 2013, it sold 7.5 million units in its first two quarters.

The PS5’s loftier price tag may also deter initial take-up. Game developers who’ve been creating titles for the next PlayStation anticipate its price to be in the region of $499 to $549.

Sony's New PlayStation 5 Strategy

Sony’s overall strategy for the PS5 has been drastically altered too, per the Bloomberg report because of the impact of COVID-19. The company had to announce the PS5 DualSense controller recently because they feared it would leak if they didn’t announce it.

The company has also reportedly canceled plans to host a major conference to announce PS5 price and release information as well. Only a small circle within Sony has reportedly seen the final PS5 design, and Sony has not announced the design yet.

While some have been quick to claim that the PS5 news this week is a “rush job,” signs point to the early reveal as directly corresponding to Microsoft’s personal console announcements. Earlier claims about the COVID-19 delay have been revealed to be true following an article with Bloomberg online.

The virus has already upended Sony’s promotional plans. The company may forgo hosting a public press conference for its PS5 release date and price unveiling due to infection fears.

Recently, it was forced to reveal its DualSense PS5 controller in a hurried fashion, according to people informed on the matter. While only a small circle within Sony is privy to the appearance of the PS5 console, the controller has been shared with outside developers and the company feared it couldn’t control leaks.

If this ends up being true, there will more than likely be some expansion to the virtual reality capabilities of Sony’s future console. The whole world is on standby to a degree, and Sony wants their next move to be a safe (as well as profitable) one.

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