New God Nut and New Conquest Map Revealed in First Look of SMITE Year 11

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New God Nut and New Conquest Map Revealed in First Look of SMITE Year 11

SMITE Year 11, the last season for SMITE 1 has been revealed alongside the official confirmation of SMITE 2, which comes with a new Conquest map, new mechanics and a long-awaited god release.

Even though SMITE 2 is all the fans of the third-person MOBA talk about, SMITE 1 isn’t going anywhere – even after the sequel launches. This means new updates, new gods and new skins at least for the next season of the game, which is dubbed Year 11. During the SMITE World Championship, Titan Forge Games revealed the first changes coming in Year 11: a new conquest map and a new god – who has been asked for repeatedly for more than five years now!

SMITE Year 11 New Conquest Map

As custom with each new season for SMITE, the map of the main game mode, Conquest is changing. We are sailing away from the Season of Monsters and it’s giant dragon skull and behemoth lair to a new plane where the Chaos and Order teams can clash. While there’s a lot of changes, Titan Forge Games highlighted a few of them in this video:

SMITE Year 11 Conquest Map Highlights

The Chaos Base looks incredible with a lavafalls and the Titan Forge logo implemented in the design.

SMITE Year 11

The Order base became open once again, looking similar to the Greek designs of earlier season.

SMITE Year 11

There’s a new Teleporter between the Solo and Duo lanes, making it easier to traverse from one end of the map to another – and setting up ganks/skirmishes easier.

SMITE Year 11 Teleporter

SMITE Year 11

A new Meteor mechanic will be implemented that will fall randomly on the battlefield, granting gold and experience when destroyed and it’s pieces are picked up – as well as dropping the old Sceptre that was removed before last season.

SMITE Year 11 Meteor

SMITE Year 11

SMITE Year 11 Scepter

The Fire Giant will receive some new tools: a beam that will heal him, as well as a new form when it gets Enhanced after 35 minutes. However, players can put up a better fight against it thanks to a new buff located in it’s lair.

SMITE Year 11 Fire Giant

SMITE Year 11

SMITE Year 11 New Buff

The new changes seem wild, especially the portal between solo and duo. Depending on the cooldown and availability of the portal, this could completely revamp the tempo of each match, which could mean that early game gods in both the Solo and Duo lanes could see more play.

SMITE Year 11 New God

The 130th playable god of SMITE 1 will be none other than Nut, the Egyptian goddess of the sky – who is confirmed to be the Lore Lady, the voice behind all of the SMITE God Reveals and other various SMITE media.

Nut will be the game’s newest Hunter, which puts even more attention to the Duo lane. While they didn’t show any gameplay or abilities, Titan Forge Games revealed the god card of Nut, where she holds an urn/jug full of water – this could mean that she’s an ADC with some special auto attacks, or some other unique mechanic. Nut is arriving in a bit more than a month, on February 20th, when the first patch of Year 11, 11.1 drops!

It’s truly a great time to be a SMITE fan with the sequel coming out, the esports scene getting revitalized – as well as  the SMITE World Championship going full force from today. It’s a 100% sure that the next few weeks will be even more interesting as the 11th season of SMITE launches, and SMITE 2 should become available in Spring. Keep an eye on ESTNN for the latest news on the Battleground of the Gods!

New God Nut and New Conquest Map Revealed in First Look of SMITE Year 11
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