SMITE: Everything you need to know about the new Year 10 Conquest Map

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SMITE: Everything you need to know about the new Year 10 Conquest Map

The first Year 10 update, Patch 10.1 changes just about everything about SMITE, the most important being the new Conquest map.

The new Seasons – or Years from now on – have always changed a myriad of things about Titan Forge Games’ Action-MOBA, SMITE. However, Year 10 goes even further beyond, as the 10.1 changes just about everything about the game. With promoting the Fire Giant into the roster of playable Gods, the developers have set the stage for some incredible updates – the most interesting being the new Conquest map, which has been showcased back at the SMITE World Championship. With the 10.1 Patch Notes revealed, we now  know the exact changes of the premier game mode of SMITE!

The new map has a very similar layout of the Closed Beta and Season 2 maps, with broad lanes, shorter distances between the Outer Turrets, and a Jungle that actually looks like a Jungle. The Order Team will start out at the base of Mount Olympus, while the Chaos Team will begin their match in the Lair of Behemoths.

All the Boss Obejctives has been changed:

  • Fire Giant:
    • Surtr now ascended to Godhood, so a new Fire Giant model will replace him. The attacks of the new FG are the same, but he looks vastly different, and makes an entrance in Solo Lane before Spawning.
    • He also has increased health scaling and takes decreased damage from Critical Strikes.

Surtr standing at the new SMITE Conquest map

  • Pyromancer:
    • Pyromancer now drops a reward called the Runic Bomb, which can be picked up like a regular buff. The Runic Bomb takes up a consumable slot and can be placed at a later time. When placed, it deals damage to enemy Gods and Knocks them back, while dealing massive True Damage to Minions and Structures, also lowering the Attack Speed of Structures.
  • The Obelisks, the Naga Camps, the Enhanced Buffs and the Trebuchets have also been removed from the game.

The Lane Objectives received and overhaul as well:

  • Tower Bastions:
    • The Tier 1 Towers now have small Bastions accompanying them. These provide 15% damage mitigation to Towers and can be destroyed by damaging them with basic attacks and abilities. When destroyed, they give gold to the surrounding enemies.
  • The Totem:
    • The Totem of Ku has been revamped into a skeletal Structure with new properties as well as being moved to the outer rim of the Solo Lane. While active, it gives 10% increased damage to Gods standing in it’s radius. If taken down, it only gives the movement speed and MP5 buff to allies near the Totem, but the Towers will have the buff aura all the same.
  • Towers and Phoenixes:
    • All Structures have received nerf to their Max Health.

The new jungle of the SMITE Conquest map


  • Unleash the Camps!
    • The Jungle Camps on each teams side can be damaged outside their leash radius as long as we have line of sight
      • This means we can pull camps together and take them at the same time.
    • They deaggro after 10 seconds, but can be reaggroed indefinitely.
    • Lane Minions will ignore them, but Towers will attack them.
  • No More Lost Buffs:
    • The dropped Jungle Buffs will remain on the ground until the next Camp spawns. The dropped buffs will return to their camps after 30 seconds if the monsters have been killed while Unleashed.
  • Return to the roots:
    • Two buffs are stackable again:
      • The Solo Lane Scorpion gives a Cooldown buff, and the Duo Lane Scorpion gives a Shield, both scaling with level, and both can be picked up while having another buff.
    • Roaming Camps:
      • Roaming Harpies will spawn from dead Harpy Camps every 60 seconds, which can be taken down for Gold and EXP. Only two of these Harpies can be active around a Camp.
    • Cyclops Rogues:
      • At the start of the game, Rogue’s Stash chest will spawn near jungle camps, which award gold when opened, but every third one releases a hostile Cyclops. When defeated, the Rogues will leave behind a zone that gives a movement speed buff, while the chests only give the buff to the God who opened them.
    • Harpies Begone!
      • The Mid Harpies have been moved to the areas of Pyromancer and the Oracles, until those camps start to spawn at 10 minutes.
    • Shuffle Them Around:
      • Apart from the Red Manticores, all the Buff Camps have moved around:
        • Speed Centaurs now have 2 camps on the two sides of the map. The two Speed Buffs do not stack, just refresh the duration.
        • The Green Buff moved to the side of the Midlane from the back of the Jungle, and has Dryads instead of Harpies. The Buff lengthening passive has also been removed from the Green Buff.
        • Purple Buff and Blue Buff is still in the Duo and Solo Lanes, but the numbers are changed, and the Blue Buff will always have 3 Satyrs alongside the spawning Ghost Satyrs.
      • All the Spawn Timers have been changed: the Camps of the sides always spawn at 00:00, and the contestable Camps spawn at 01:30
        • The Gold Fury spawns at 05:00, and the other Boss Camps at 10:00
        • Lair of the Gold Fury in SMITE's new Conquest map

With the new camps and the Unleashed mechanic being added to the game, Conquest will change drastically. The new game start is unclear at this moment, but players have already been testing the best routes on the PTS. The whole list of changes with the exact numbers are also vast, but you can access the 10.1 Patch Notes here, so you can enter the Battleground of the Gods as prepared as you can be!

SMITE: Everything you need to know about the new Year 10 Conquest Map
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