SMITE: The 5 Best Reworked Items of Year 10

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SMITE: The 5 Best Reworked Items of Year 10

A lot of new item’s have been added to SMITE, but even more have been reworked some basically becoming new ones.

Year 10 of SMITE has been out for almost a week, and with the PTS, players had plenty of time to test out the new Conquest changes, such as the new map – with a new start – and the new and reworked items. However, Titan Forge Games have reworked nearly all items, as they wanted to remove the hybrid items from the game. Believe it or not, this has opened up new build paths, as some items which were locked behind Physical or Magical damage type Gods can be built for the other group. But what are the best of the items that remained from Season 9, but now look slightly different.

5. Pestilence

SMITE Item Pestilence

Many of the anti-heal items got some significant changes, so it’s no surprise that Pestilence got a place on this list. Back in the day, it was premier tank item If you wanted to deal with enemy sustain, but now, it’s expected to make a return. While it’s cost has been increased from 2250 gold to 2400, it got a new passive. Alongside with the usual 25% enemy God healing reduction in 55 units, Pestilence now makes enemies damaged by the wielder lose another 5% percent healing, stacking up to 6 times. This means that you can reduce enemy Gods’ sustain by a whopping 55% in extended fights, which is a lot – magical Solo laners such as Chang’e are going to have a hard time.

4. Spectral Armor

SMITE Item Spectral Armor

Spectral Armor has been reworked into a more supportive item with it’s new passive. Like Pestilence, it’s build path hasn’t been changed, but you have to play 2300 gold instead of 2100 in order to buy it. The new ability of the item is worth it however, as in addition to the 40% bonus damage reduction from Physical Critical Strikes, the wielder and allied Gods within 55 units take and additional 5% reduced bonus Crit damage, stacking up to 4 times, lasting for 8 seconds. While the meta has shifted away from Crit for the time being, Spectral Armor will be there when the Divine Deities need it the most.

3. Toxic Blade

SMITE Item Toxic Blade

Toxic Blade got a whole lot more useful as well. Before Year 10, this item was for those Gods who couldn’t justify building either the offensive Power based anti-heal items and the defensive Prot items, such as Pestilence and Contagion. Toxic Blade lost a bit of Attack Speed and Penetration, but it just got better at doing it’s job, and also a better dueling item. The new Toxic Blade Passive makes enemies hit by your basic attacks heal 15% less and have 5% reduced attack speed, while simultaneously giving the user 5% attack speed – and of course, this passive can stack as well up to 5 times, lasting for 5 seconds. While Toxic Blade is not as strong flat out as before, it can ramp up to a monster.

2. Brawler’s Beat Stick

SMITE Item Brawler's Beat Stick

Following the line of “anti-heal items which are more expensive but much better” is the Assassin one, Brawler’s Beat Stick. The Stick’s cost has been increased from 2350 to 2600 while having the same stats as before – but the new passive is well worth if you’re diving backlines. Enemies hit by your abilities get 40% reduced healing for 5 seconds, and when you score a takedown on an enemy God, they leave a field behind which grants 10 + 2 per Level Power to allies within it, making your team even more unstoppable in streamrolling the enemy.

1. Divine Ruin

SMITE Item Divine Ruin

But by far the most interesting new passive went to Divine Ruin, so Mages should be happy that their old items are better, and they got some new toys such as Tablet of Destinies. Divine Ruin’s cost has been increased from 2200 gold to 2550, but it makes clearing minions and teamfighting a whole lot easier. Enemies hit by abilities of the wielder have their healing reduced by 40% – but the damaging ability send out a chain lighting, dealing 40 + 20% Magical Power damage to nearby enemies. With the heavy MP builds of Season 9 and Year 10, Divinre Ruin should become even more of a fan favourite.

These are all welcome changes, and the items not listed received similar upgrades as well. While we lost some of the most beloved items of SMITE, Titan Forge Games didn’t leave us hanging – hopefully, the whole Year will have these type of changes.


SMITE: The 5 Best Reworked Items of Year 10
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