SMITE: The 5 Removed Items We’ll Miss the Most

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SMITE: The 5 Removed Items We’ll Miss the Most

While plenty of items have been added and reworked in Year 10, a lot of them were removed, and some of them will be greatly missed.

We have already looked at the best new items of SMITE Year 10, and the best reworked items of the new season. But before Titan Forge Games could freshen the items up, they had to make way for the new tools, they had to get rid of some items, which the community will miss greatly. But which one of the removed items were the best?

5. Void Stone

SMITE Item Void Stone

Void Stone was one of the most versatile items of the game, as it could be built by Midlaners, Solo laners and Supports alike. The Stone used to cost 2250 total gold, and gave 200 Health, 40 Magical Power and 60 Magical Protection, making it an ideal choice against heavy Magical Damage compositions. However, it boosted our own team as well, as it gave the wielder an aura which lowered the Magical Protection of enemy Gods in a 55 unit area, so it was essential if you own team had a lot of Magical Damage. While the item had been built on and off throughout the seasons of SMITE, it always had a niche to fill – but couldn’t weather the storm of hybrid items being removed or reworked.

4. Book of the Dead

SMITE Item Book of the Dead

Book of the Dead has been added to the game a few seasons ago, and it provided a great deal of survivability to immobile mages in the Midlane. The Book cost 2600 gold to finish, gave a whopping 120 Magical Power, 200 Mana and 20% Crowd Control Reduction, so the stats alone were pretty good. The passive was just a cherry on top, as Book of the Dead gave the wielder a shield equal to 25% of their max mana when they dropped below 40% Health, lasting for 6 seconds on a 90 second cooldown, which meant that every one and a half minute, Mages couldn’t be burst as easily, and out of position carries didn’t die that fast.

3. Shadowsteel Shuriken

SMITE Items Shadowsteel Shuriken

One of the best Hunter item has also been removed. Shadowsteel Shuriken was a staple for ADC builds for quite a while now, as it provided all the necessary stats for Gods that try to deal the most damage with their auto attacks: 40 Physical Power, 25% Attack Speed and 20% Critical Strike Chance. On top of that, Shadowsteel Shuriken was an anti-heal item, as enemies hit by the users Crits had their healing reduced for 40%. After the Season 9 Devourer’s Gloves nerfs, it was usually a second item for ADC’s, but Titan Forge decided to remove instead of reworking Shadowsteel – it was the only way to end its reign.

2. Shifter’s Shield

SMITE Items Shifters Shield

One of the premier victim of the new incentive to remove hybrid items from SMITE, Shifter’s Shield has also been removed from the game. It cost 2350 gold in total, gave 25 Physical Power and 25 Physical Protection, but it’s passive made up for it’s lackluster stats. While above 75% Health, the user gained 25 additional Physical Power, and while under the threshold, Shifter’s Granted 40 Protections of both Magical and Physical Prots. It meant that Warriors and even Assassins could dive the backline of the enemy team, and when retaliation would come, they had the necessary Protections to survive the encounter, and it will be missed the most outside of the more niche items.

1. The Sledge

SMITE Item The Sledge

But the most missed item that Titan Forge Games have decided to remove will be The Sledge, as it was meta-defining after it received it’s current form. It cost 2300 gold to build, and gave 40 Physical Power, 250 Health, 150 mana and 30% Crowd Control Reduction, meaning that Warriors and some Assassins could just tank CC and keep moving forward. It’s passive just made the wielder even more tanky, as it provided a buff of 10 Physical and 8 Magical Protections for each enemy God within 55 units, stacking up to 3 times. In it’s prime, The Sledge was rushed in the Solo lane, but it could find it’s place in the Season 9 meta as well, built as a 3rd or 4th item. But as the Conquest was renewed, we had to say goodbye to even our most beloved companions.

But there’s nothing to be sad about, as the new items are more then enough to have diverse builds and test out new things, finding combos that help the Divine Deities win more matches. Don’t forget to check out ESTNN’s other SMITE content to be ready to join the Battleground of the Gods!


SMITE: The 5 Removed Items We’ll Miss the Most
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