Skull and Bones Casting Sand: How to Get It

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Skull and Bones Casting Sand: How to Get It

What is Skull and Bones Casting Sand? Skull and Bones is a game where ship combat is the focal point of the entire experience, but that's not to say there aren't other things to worry about in the game.

In fact, if you want to progress and have a ship that is able to face increasingly stronger enemies, you will also have to dedicate yourself to collecting resources. One of the resources you will need to obtain is the Skull and Bones Casting Sand. This resource will be essential to building better ships and pieces of equipment.

In this article we will explain everything you need to know about this resource.

How to Get Skull and Bones Casting Sand

This resource is not very easy to obtain. Not only because it won't be enough for you to simply collect it, but because it is only available in one area (at least for the moment). Consequently, you will have to specifically go to this area of the map to be able to obtain the Skull and Bones Casting Sand.

But where exactly should you go? Let's find out together.

You can find Casting Sand on ships from Ungwana that sail on trade routes along the northern coast of Africa. These routes go from Harufu to Jiwe and then to Pembe and Mchanga. You might get some Casting Sand by taking over enemy ships on these routes.

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Besides ships on these routes, you can also get Casting Sand by raiding these places: Harufu, Jiwe, Pembe, and Mchanga. But be careful, there are guard towers and Ungwanan warships to deal with.

Skull and Bones Casting Sand
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If you want to gather a lot of Casting Sand, go to The Navigator’s Cross outpost. It's in the middle of the trade routes, between Harufu and Jiwe. You can quickly travel there and back. You can also use this place to fix your ship or make room in your cargo hold. Poacher’s Cache is close by too, just east of Harufu.

As we have already said, there are no other places, at least for the moment, where you can obtain this particular type of resource in Skull and Bones. Consequently, place a mark on the map and head to this area. Obviously, pay attention to the threats that populate the seas.

Making ships in Skull and Bones needs Casting Sand. It's super important for making certain types of ships, like the Blaster Sloop, which is really strong in battles. You can also use Casting Sand to make powerful weapons for ships. Some examples are Demicannon III, Flooding Demicannon II, Bombard III, and Long Gun III.

Armors for ships are really important too, as they keep your ship safe from enemy attacks. Casting Sand can help you make armor like Iron Husk III. Besides ships, weapons, and armor, you can also use Casting Sand to make ship furniture. For example, you can make the Demi-cannon Works I, which adds a nice touch to your ship's look.

Skull and Bones Casting Sand: How to Get It
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