Sinatraa’s Overwatch League MVP Skin Is Finally Revealed

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Sinatraa’s Overwatch League MVP Skin Is Finally Revealed

Blizzard has finally unveiled Jay “Sinatraa” Won’s MVP skin despite his exit from the Overwatch League. The skin is available on the main client for 100 Overwatch League tokens until June 30.

The alien-themed skin is meant to honor the Overwatch League’s 2019 MVP and is available until June 30. Sinatraa has retired from professional Overwatch and now plays Valorant for Sentinels. The damage player was responsible for the success of the San Francisco Shock in 2019, wiping their way through a majority of the League. The skin is derived from Sinatraa’s insane Zarya play during the reign of GOATS. Sinatraa used Zarya like she was a damage hero, keeping her charge up for a majority of the matches.

Fans have had polar opposite reactions to the skin with some loving it and others absolutely hating the skin. Senior concept artist David Kang said, “the main focus here was to make [Zarya] look as cool as possible and not as generic as other people would think.” The alien is an homage to the alien emote spam from his fans during out of this world plays. The suit is a nod to the American cabaret singer Frank Sinatra from the 1950s for whom Sinatraa got his handle.

A little too late

As happy as Sinatraa and Shock fans are to finally see the skin, it is disappointing that it came so late. Sinatraa has made a formal exit from professional Overwatch and has already competed in a few Valorant tournaments. The MVP skin arriving late is a clear reflection of the State of the Overwatch League. They were just a little bit too late, waiting to actually make players feel special and valued in the League. The 2020 season of the Overwatch League is halfway through, players are leaving left and right, and unfortunately, their efforts are going towards ships that have already set sail.

2020 has been no walk in the park for Blizzard having to adjust their homestand format to an online one. Since that moment, the Overwatch League has been operating behind the curve, playing catch up rather than innovating. The San Francisco Shock is doing well without Sinatraa, but at least the player got the recognition he finally deserves.

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