Shanghai Dragons Win The 2021 Overwatch League

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Shanghai Dragons Win The 2021 Overwatch League

From zero to hero.

The anticipation is over. The expected outcome has come to be. The Shanghai Dragons are the 2021 Overwatch League Champions!

Just three to four years ago, we were talking about the layup team that had the 0-40 record, 2018 Shanghai Dragons. Now, they’re the best there ever was, and it’s been a long journey to arrive here. Pulling together a group of highly skilled and already experienced players before the 2020 season, the Dragons had been looking to build up to this for longer than just this last year. They are a roster that has enough depth to run any compositions, while also having the sense to keep their playstyle limited to their strong suits. And it all showed when they pulled off the clean sweep against Atlanta Reign in the Grand Finals.

It’s not only the players either. The 2020 Coach of the Year Byungchul “Moon” Moon is the brain behind everything this team has built the last two years and deserves much of the credit behind this team’s success. Significantly, the 2020 MVP, Byungsun “Fleta” Kim is now an Overwatch League Champion, which has been a long time coming. He’s a legend in the league, and he is absolutely a future Overwatch League Hall-of-Famer.

Collecting a World Cup Championship, MVP Award and a league Championship, Fleta is now the most accomplished player in Overwatch history. The same goes for Moon, who would be the most accomplished coach with a Coach of the Year Award and Championship under his own name. This entire team could still dominate moving forward, but with Overwatch 2 being the planned game for Overwatch League 2022, anything could happen. We all look forward to seeing what more these players can accomplish in the future.

Shanghai Dragons Win The 2021 Overwatch League
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