Riot Social Impact Fund Crosses $50 Million Mark

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Riot Social Impact Fund Crosses $50 Million Mark

The gaming giant's nonprofit organization has committed millions to worldwide organizations since 2019 Riot Social Impact Fund

Riot's growth over the last few years has been monumental. Besides its highly-popular MOBA maintaining its relevancy over nearly 2 decades, the League of Legends developer has continuously found ways to grow and adapt. And with multiple new games on the way, a gargantuan update to their flagship game as well as a follow-up to their Emmy-winning series Arcane, Riot's popularity isn't going to wane anytime soon.

Riot's biggest games make most of its profits from in-game cosmetics, earning millions off of free-to-download games. This serves as the integral part of their business model. And ever since the world went through a particularly tumultuous time back in 2019, Riot's Social Impact Fund has funded school programs, provided vital medical supplies and has chose which charities to support based on the vote of the players. Here's how they did it.

Riot Social Impact Fund Crosses $50 Million Mark

How did Riot, a game developer/publisher that pushes out free-to-play games manage such a monumental feat?

Riot's Social Impact Fund is a nonprofit org partnered with ImpactAssets that focuses on dealing with systemic issues in “education, opportunity, citizenship and sustainability” around the globe. Additionally, the foundation puts player agency front and center, letting the people vote on which local charities to support.

And all of the money was raised via campaigns spearheaded by Riot and special skin bundles that millions of players from around the globe bought to support a cause.

Riot Social Impact Fund
Credit: Riot Games

Today, Riot announced that the Social Impact Fund has raised more than $50 million dollars supporting 450 organizations in 28 regions since 2019. Riot Games CEO Dylan Jadeja was elated with the major milestone, expressing that Riot was “..humbled by the millions of players who give their time, money and voice to help drive positive change and create a lasting impact for years to come.”

It's amazing to see a gaming company this successful give back to its community. After Riot's annual esports championship broke record numbers in peak viewership in the Worlds 2023 grand final, fans of the game were even more stoked to find out that Riot made donations to throughout the tournament.

Riot Social Impact Fund Achievements

If you're an active VALORANT or League of Legends player, you've probably indirectly contributed to Riot's latest milestone. Here's a shortened list of what the Riot Social Impact Fund has accomplished so far:

  • Raised $6 million following the release of League of Legends' 1000th skin, “Dawnbringer Karma”
  • Raised $5.5 million after Riot brought back fan-favorite gun skins in Valorant's “Give Back Bundle”, which eventually became a yearly event
  • The LoL “Medical Skin Bundle” raised $2.2 million which helped distribute 5.8 million pieces of personal protective equipment in the Philippines, 36,000 tents, hospital beds, oxygen supplies and help establish 30 vaccination sites in the U.S.
  • Raised $5.8 million in the LoL “Sentinels of Light” in-game fundraising event
  • Chose among 30 player-voted organizations to receive a $10,000 community grant after the 2021 release of Arcane
  • Partnered with DonorsChoose to help fund 143 game development school programs in the U.S. to celebrate the inaugural Valorant Champions Tour
  • Partnered with TakeThis to develop mental health curriculums tailored for the gaming community
  • Raised funds for humanitarian relief during the conflict in Ukraine


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Riot Social Impact Fund Crosses $50 Million Mark
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