LoL Season 14 Map Changes: Everything We Know So Far

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LoL Season 14 Map Changes: Everything We Know So Far

The LoL Season 14 map changes have been revealed at Worlds, and now we have more info thanks to some reveals by Riot Games.

Worlds 2023 just ended, and along with the landslide victory of T1 came the first teasers of Season 14, which is coming in January 2024. While we only saw a short video after the first match of the Worlds Finals, Riot Games have finally expanded upon the new additions showcased in that video. While they haven’t revealed everything, they have shown some very interesting changes.

LoL Season 14 Map Changes

The Ever-Changing Baron

In the next season of League of Legends, Baron Nashor will have 3 different forms which gives special attacks to it shape it’s pit as well:

  • The Hunting Baron variant will keep its old lair, and gain a lightning attack dealing damage to all nearby targets,

LoL Season 14 Map Changes

  • The Territorial Baron will gain a small rock in front of its lair like the Mountain Drake in the Mountain Rift, and grab attack pulling targets closer to itself with its creepy arms,

LoL Season 14 Map Changes

  • While the All-Seeing Baron will open a corridor from the toplane tribrush all the way to the Razorbeaks, and can open a Void Rift that damages targets in the tunnels.

LoL Season 14 Map Changes

Even though the Baron looks very different and has some new tricks, it will still spawn at 20 minutes every game, and will only have 1 form for the rest of the game.

Shelly’s Glowup

The Rift Herald will also change next year. It will now only spawn once per game at 14 minutes – so after the Turret Platings have already fallen. It can still crash into towers, but players will have more agency over her, as the player putting her down can hitch a ride with Shelly. The player riding her can control the charge, granting it extra damage. Hitting something will knock the rider off from their new mount, but hitting an enemy champion will knock them up.

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LoL Season 14 Map Changes

Don’t Feed the Grubs

The new early game objective on the top side of the Rift will be Void Grubs. 6 Grubs can spawn in the Baron Pit over the course of the laning phase with individual respawn timers. If hit, they will spawn even smaller Void Mites to protects themselves, making them a hard objective to take down.

LoL Season 14 Map Changes

However, they payoff is huge, as each Grub will grant a stackable buff that deals Damage Over Time to enemy structures to your whole team. If you get 5 stacks, Void Mites will spawn when hitting turrets, and if you get all 6, 2 Mites will spawn instead of 1.

The Void’s Influence Grows

The Blue and Red Buffs, as well as the Rift Scuttler will also change in the next season. After Baron Nashor arrives in the Rift, the next camps mentioned above will become Voidborn. The Red and Blue will grant their respective buffs to every alive member of the team that takes them down, while the Scuttle will emit an Enhanced Scryers Bloom effect, revealing all wards in a large radius and knocking their health to 1.

LoL Season 14 Map Changes

The Rift Evolves as Well

Along with the jungle changes, Summoner’s Rift will change too:

  • New walls will be added opposite of the Dragon and Baron Pits

LoL Season 14 Map Changes

  • New entrances to the jungle from the midlane T1 to the Blue Buffs
  • The midlane river brushes have been pushed back, so junglers will have a harder time ganking mid from these angles
  • Small brushes were added to the bot and toplane river, and a second trybrus was added to botlane, as well as some wall changes on top

LoL Season 14 Map Changes

The Dragons get Some Love

Even though the topside and Baron is the main course for the next season’s map changes, some of the Elemental Drakes will also get changes. The Cloud, Chemtech and Hextech Dragons will remain the same, while the Ocean and Mountain Dragons had some brushes/rocks moved around.

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LoL Season 14 Map Changes

The biggest change is for the Infernal Drakes Rift: Cinders will spawn which can be picked up by champions, granting adaptive stats and a short movement speed boost. Half of the cinders are lost on death and can be picked up by either allies or enemies.

The Revamped Items

Almost all the items will change in 2024: Mythics are removed or reworked with some other items, while new items will be added, and some old ones will return. Here are the highlights:

  • 1 support item will remain, which combines the Execute and Poke support items, granting gold in both instances. After Stage 3, it can be evolved into an Engage, Enchanter, Warden, Mage or Fighter support item, providing something for every champion that can be played in the role.
    • Riot wants to give each support champion 2 viable options, balancing the evolutions accordingly.
  • Unending Despair, an item that grants Health, Armor and Ability Haste, as well as a passive similar to Jak’Sho, draining enemies while fighting,
  • Hubris, a new Lethality item, that grants “statues” and AD per statue on takedown,
  • Sundered Sky for Marksmen, that grants a Crit shot that also heals, as well as AD, Health and Ability Haste,
  • Cryptbloom for supports, that puts a healing area down on enemy takedown,
  • Sepsis for mages that grants Ability Power, Mana and Ability Haste as well as Ultimate Ability Haste and a burning area under enemies that you hit with your ultimate.
  • Some item reworks have been also revealed, as Shadowflame’s passive will now give AP crit, letting your abilities deal critical damage.

LoL Season 14 Map Changes

Of course, this is just a small fragment of changes coming up in Season 14 of League of Legends. While this year had some great parts, the next year is shaping up to be one of the best yet, with toplane getting more focus while the skewed builds will be gone with the removal of Mythic items. If this is the beginning, we can’t wait for the drop on PBE and the next Season in January – stay tuned!

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