Rick MultiVersus Guide – Moves, Combos, Tips and More

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Rick MultiVersus Guide – Moves, Combos, Tips and More

This guide covers everything you need to know about the Rick MultiVersus moves, combos, and how to play him.

Multiversus’ latest character is Rick, the scientist protagonist from Rick and Morty. The character has a creative moveset that makes him stand aside from the other Mages already in the game. The Rick MultiVersus moveset is creative. If you want to master the character,, though, some strategies and details about his moves can help.

Rick is coming into the game with a roster that’s pretty well established now. With other buffs and nerfs in the patch, the MultiVersus tier list has become pretty different. How exactly does Rick fit into it? The character is looking strong early. He’s definitely an interesting pick, even coming after Gizmo’s addition.

In this guide, we’ll run through all the moves and tips you need to know to master Rick in MultiVersus. This is how everything works:

Rick MultiVersus Guide

MultiVersus Rick Guide -

Rick MultiVersus Special Moves

Neutral Special – Meeseeks and Destroy

MultiVersus Rick Guide - Meeseeks

This will summon a Meeseeks character. These blue men will run off towards an opponent, and damage them if they connect. These can be aimed. You have to use the directional inputs right after the special inputs to direct them in a specific way. That’s what left and right do. Up will make a Meeseeks uppercut in the air. Down will see a golf club getting pulled out instead once close to an enemy.

While commanding the Meeseeks, you’re holding out a box. However, once you’ve instructed them, you can put it away and get back to fighting. The swing of the golf club can give you a guard behind you, great for combos. The golf club swing also hits enemy projectiles back at them.

You can use two Meeseeks with this move, then you go into a cooldown. You can cancel out of controlling the Meeseeks by dodging. If you do this with your first Meeseeks, you can command two at once. 

Meeseeks are one of the better parts of the Rick MultiVersus moveset. They make take some practice. Especially to really master what direction you’re sending them out. However, these can be a key tool in combos. You can also use them to force your opponents to dodge, baiting them into a position where you can hit with an attack.

Neutral Air – Meeseeks Up Here

This attack can be done in the air. You’ll still summon a Meeseeks but use it to float instead of attacking. This move will make you drift off to the side a little as the Meeseeks flaps his arms to keep you up. This is a useful mobility tool. The flapping arms hit players. Although the damage doesn’t do much it's really just for recovery.

Portal Theory – Ground or Air Side

MultiVersus Rick Guide - Portals

This one of the Rick MultiVersus moves is on the more complicated side. It involves Rick setting up portals. Once activated, you can aim his portal gun to create portals. You can go through the portals to move around the stage when two are active.

Projectiles will go through these portals as well. Using the move in the air works the same, but you’re creating two at once to allow for quicker movement. Your teammate can move through the portals with a dodge too.

This one has good potential for use in more thought-out plays. With projectiles and other weapons going through the portals, a well-placed set can make the stage pretty confusing for your opponents. It might take some set-up. It can really pay off, though.

The portals take one player, then they shrink. After that, they only take projectiles they don’t take players anymore.

MultiVersus Rick Guide - Portal Air

Shooting it in the air allows you to float and aim the portal, where you’re instantly going to appear once you activate them. Great for recovery.

Enemies going through a single portal will bring them back to you, which can be a great combo extension tool if your positioning is perfect.

This move is great for big-brain plays. It needs some planning, and cooldown management, but this can be flashy.

Cooldown Side

While your portal is on cooldown, you do a fairly standard side rush move on skies instead. It’s a nice replacement. It isn’t a key part of the Rick MultiVersus toolkit, but it’s nice to have.

Down Ground or Air – Polymorphrick Ray

MultiVersus Rick Guide - Polymorpth

The down special of Rick MultiVersus moves has you fire out a projectile. This will travel slowly before detonating with a wide area of impact. It damages opponents. More importantly, though, it applies a buff.  To teammates, it applies Morphized. That increases their size and makes their projectiles do more damage along with knockback and projectile size getting increased too. It’s a decent effect.

The ray will have interesting effects on enemies too. It makes them into Reindog. While in this form, they can’t attack and will take extra damage. This is a move with a lot of potential if you coordinate with your teammate. Trapping an opponent as Reindog can be lethal if both of you are lined up to rack up heavy damage on them.

This has a huge cooldown, but it’s a big part of Rick’s MultiVersus playstyle. It’s a great move.

Up Ground and Air – Jetpack

MultiVersus Rick Guide - Jetpack

The up special for Rick is a bit more straightforward than a lot of the other moves here. This one has you pull out a jetpack. It charges up a little before sending you flying upwards. You’ll knock opponents and do damage if it connects.

This one isn’t crazy complicated. Watch out for the hurtbox though, Rick is a smaller character vertically than he might seem. This hits twice, which is a nice boost when fully charged. It can also spike enemies upwards a bit. 

Rick MultiVersus Standard Moves

Specials are cool, but the standard attacks are your bread and butter. These standard attacks don’t have the same level of cooldowns and you’ll need to master using these to rack up decent damage on your opponents. With Rick’s MultiVersus moveset, you may end up with cooldowns making you rely on these attacks a bit more. These are all of Rick’s standard moves:

Neutral Attack – Itchy Ricker Finer

MultiVersus Rick Guide - Blaster

This is a projectile attack from Rick’s blaster. It can charge like Samus’s gun. When charged all the way, the shot will deal more knockback, although it moves slower too. At the base, this does minimal damage and no knockback. However, you can spam it.

Spamming it is one of the better bits of utility for this move. You can fire this out nearly non-stop, both in the air and on the ground. If enemies are trying to get close, this is a great way to keep the pressure on and stop them from progressing. It can make a good opening poke. You can use it to interrupt an opponent by closing the gap. While it might not be too strong uncharged, you can throw this out so often it gets particularly annoying.

Side Attack – You Like Arguments?

MultiVersus Rick Guide - Combo

This is the combo attack. You pull out a plasma sword to strike enemies along with kicks. The final attack is a rocket projectile from an arm canon. The projectile has a forcefield when in the air. You can charge the first hit. Or you can charge to add more pressure.

Air Side

MultiVersus Rick Guide - Neutral Air

Rick uses his forcefield belt to shock enemies. This one has a decent-sized hurtbox compared to a lot of Rick’s MultiVersus moves, it’s one of his better up-close moves.

Ground Up – Plasma Whip, Baby!  MultiVersus Rick Guide - Plasma

You pull out a plasma whip which you can swing upwards. This is chargeable too. You can get some real damage out of this. What’s interesting is this move does hit twice. It hits on the swing up, then again at the top of the whip swing, and a perk can make this spike down adding a third hit to this as a combo. From there you can bridge in a different move to keep the combo going.

Air Up

MultiVersus Rick Guide - UppercutThe air standard attack has Rick pushing a mega seed upwards. It gives allies a CDR buff and silences enemies. You can hit opponents with this to apply the effect. The silence condition doesn’t last too long, though. The up cooldown is a little longer, you can still use the move but you don’t have the mega seed to provide the effects.

Down Ground – Yeah, Fart Bomb!

This is another projectile attack. You through a bomb in front of Rick that launches the opponent upwards. There isn’t a real cooldown on this, but animations that prevent you from throwing it out too often. Sending an opponent up in the air can be a great opener for an aerial combo. It’ll be interesting when Rick’s been out for longer and we can see high-level players making use of this, it even plays into some of the Rick MultiVersus combos.

Down Air

MultiVersus Rick Guide -

This move has you blast downward with rocket boots. As with some of his upward attacks, watch the hitbox on this one. Rick is pretty thin. Even compared to the smaller characters.  This ignites opponents since it’s fire which is always a nice bonus.

Rick MultiVersus Perks

MultiVersus Rick Guide - Perks

Perks are a unique mechanic in MultiVersus that lets you apply bonuses to a character. Each character has access to some general picks, along with some specialty ones that are built for their moveset. You’ll have to grind to unlock them all. These are all of Rick’s perks in the game:

Utility Perks

  • Coffeezilla – Your team has 10% reduced ability cooldown duration.
  • Gravity Manipulation – Your team gets 10% increased fast fall speed.

Offensive Perks

  • Painted Target – Your team deals 5% more damage on hit stun enemies.
  • Armor Crush – Your team’s charged attacks will break armor.

Defensive Perks

  • Clean the Air – Non-heavy enemy projectiles are destroyed when you dodge the projectile

Signature Perks

  • Hephaestus, Who? – When Rick’s whip attack is fully charged the final hit spikes enemies downward.
  • Squanchin’ Pyrotechnics – Your portals have a long cooldown, but allies that go through the portal ignore the enemy’s next melee attack. Projectiles that pass through will ignite enemies, and enemies that pass through will be ignited.
  • Bit of a Stickler Meeseeks – Meeseek’s deal double damage to fighters that are in hit stun.

Rick MultiVersus Gameplay Guide

MultiVersus Rick Guide - Poly blaster 

Rick MultiVersus is listed as an expert character, rather than one of the more accessible ones. Those willing to spend some time learning his ins and outs though will find him to be a character with a lot of potential. As a Mage character, you’re aiming to engage from a distance with a fair few of his moves. You’ll need to think about positioning and zoning to use his projectiles to control the stage.

One of the bigger aspects of Rick’ moveset is cooldowns. His portal has a hefty one. This can be a problem, so management of your moves is going to be important. Between cooldowns, you’ll have to pay attention to his standard attacks to keep opponents at bay. Ensure you’re coordinating cooldowns. You and your teammate can make sure you’re not both locked out big parts of your moveset at once.

Rick MultiVersus Combos

MultiVersus Rick Guide -

In MultiVersus, you can string together unrelated moves into combos. These are great to memorize as they let you can a lot of damage in without most players being able to get out. Some have already been found for Rick. These are the combos:

  • Side Attack – Down Attack – Up Attack
  • With a portal ahead of you – Side Attck – Side Attack – Side Attack – Up Attack – In this one, the opponent is bounced throw the portal continuing the combo.
  • Down Air – Side Attack – Up Attack – Up Air
  • Charged Neutral – Side Air – Side Attack – Up Attack

There are even more creative combos you can use if you’re throwing in Meeseeks and portals. Those are some of the basics that you can work into your matches though.

Who is Rick?

Rick is one of the two titular protagonists in Rick and Morty. An Adult Swim cartoon that’s had runaway viral success since it launched in 2013. He’s a play-off of the Doc Brown-style character from Back to the Future. Over the show’s five seasons to date though, he’s had enough development to make him stand out from those origins. As a MultiVersus addition, Rick joins Morty who came to the roster at the start of Season 1.

The moveset for Rick in MultiVersus reflects his character in the cartoon. He makes good use of guns and creative inventions rather than brawling hand to hand.

That’s everything you need about Rick MultiVersus set-up. He’s one of the more creative characters in the game so far. You can get crazy with the portals, Meeseeks, and combo potential.

Rick MultiVersus Guide – Moves, Combos, Tips and More
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