MultiVersus Gizmo Guide – Moves, Perks, and More

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MultiVersus Gizmo Guide – Moves, Perks, and More

Gremlins are arriving in MultiVersus, we take a closer look at Gizmo's moves!

The latest character hitting MultiVersus is Gizmo. The little creature from Gremlins will be dropping into the game ahead of the villain from the franchise that was announced first. As a new support character, he adds a fair bit of variety to the roster. This MultiVersus Gizmo guide covers the character’s moves, perks, and how to get the most out of him.

Gizmo has just hit MultiVersus. He has some pretty creative kit and an interesting moveset. He has decent range, fun use of buffs, and a smaller unique hitbox. He definitely mixes things up. For a support character, he’s one of the more interesting.

The newest addition is always a popular choice for players. If you don’t want to waste any time figuring him out though, you need to figure out how he works so you can jump straight in. This is how Gizmo is going to work and everything you need to know.

MultiVersus Gizmo Guide

MultiVersus Gizmo Guide

Who is Gizmo?

Gizmo is the latest addition to the game. MultiVersus pulls in characters from lots of different media franchises, so just who is he? Gizmo is one of the lead characters in the 80s film Gremlins. These are cuddly creatures that come with some very specific rules. You’ve got to avoid them eating after midnight or getting wet, or they turn into real monsters.

MultiVersus Gizmo Gameplay Guide

MultiVersus Gizmo Guide

Gizmo is coming to MultiVersus as a support character. There are quite a few of these in the game already, but they have a specific play style. You’re mainly going to be supporting the other player on your team. For 1-v-1, support characters don’t have as much utility. They rank lower on MultiVersus tier lists. However, if you’re playing 2-v-2 there’s a lot you can do here.

The MultiVersus Gizmo moves include a fair amount of projectiles, including his neutral bow attack. One of the key parts of his kit is that you can ignite the projectiles. There’s also a big focus on collaboration. With Gizmo, you can ride on your teammate and turn into a different type of player with both shields and two types of attack.

Some of the more support-based moves include those that give a musical buff to opponents. This can stop cooldowns. Moves like this are best used when you can coordinate them with another player. This will let you make the most out of the buff and really punish the enemy player.

Another big factor to Gizmo is his hitbox. He’s on the smaller side of characters. Between his speed and this, you can be pretty hard to hit if you’re making the most of it.

MultiVersus Gizmo Moves Guide

Standard Attacks

Hunter’s Bow

MultiVersus Gizmo Guide - Bow

This move has Gizmo pull out a bow and arrow. You can fire off the arrow. However, you can also charge it up to set it on fire. As you’re charging, you can move and jump. When you hit an enemy, your arrow stock comes back.


MultiVersus Gizmo Guide - Combo

This is a neutral standard attack. It’s a simple combo using a punch, then a headbutt, and a drop kick. It’s similar to most characters’ standard combos. Gizmo’s hitbox is worth keeping in mind though. He is on the smaller side so you’re going to have to be up close to get the most out of this.

Fist of Furry

MultiVersus Gizmo Guide - Jump Punch

This is an upward punch attack. You charge up a punch and jump up to strike an enemy. This is a move that’ll be familiar to fighting game players from a lot of franchises, it’s pretty common.

Pop Pop Pop

MultiVersus Gizmo Guide - Popcorn

This is a more fun projectile attack. You’re pulling out a bucket of popcorn. This needs to charge up, then gets launched upward. It will explode if stricken with fire. You can also explode it early using MultiVersus Gizmo’s arrows.

Widdle Craws

MultiVersus Gizmo Guide - Swipe

This move has Gizmo perform a swipe attack just above his head. This is a typical upward attack, good for keeping guard for players attacking from above. Although, it doesn’t have a particularly huge hurtbox.

Harsh Melody

MultiVersus Gizmo Guide - Keyboard

This move has Gizmo charge an attack with a keyboard. He’ll then slam and inflict armor break. This will also send out musical notes on the sides of Gizmo. If you charge this for longer, the notes will travel further.

Stompy Feet

MultiVersus Gizmo Guide - Neutral

This is another charge-up for Gizmo. You charge, before stamping your feet on the ground a few times.

Special MultiVersus Gizmo Move guide

Song of the Mogwai

MultiVersus Gizmo Guide - Sing

This attack has Gizmo sing which creates musical notes. They damage enemies as projectiles along with inflicting the music effect. Allies get a buff. Enemies get a negative music effect.

This one can even work well with your teammate if they’re using projectiles too. A projectile that goes through a musical note will pull the note, hitting the opponent and applying hitstun.

Song of the Flying Mogwai

This is the version of the attack that happens in the air. It’s a little different. These notes will target enemies that are ahead of you, rather than how they move in the original version. It’s a nice alteration. Keep in mind when you’re throwing out this attack since there are two versions within MultiVersus Gizmo’s moveset.

Beep Beep

MultiVersus Gizmo Guide - Car

This is Gizmo’s ground side special. It is pretty similar to Wario’s motorbike over in Smash Bros Ultimate. Mogwai pulls out a toy car and drives it around. This can knock players around on the ground, similar to Morty’s brush attack. You can jump in or out.

When you leave the car, it will continue to travel along the ground with the momentum built up. This can force an opponent to evade. It could even knock one off a ledge if you use if right. Having the car running while both players apply pressure can give you even more stage control while attacking, taking care of the ground while projectiles zone them.  His car can also be used with the up special to go faster and then blow up.

If the car remains on the stage, Gizmo can jump back in and use it. This has a lot of utility. You’ll have to manage it as a bit of a resource though. It isn’t one of the MultiVersus gizmo moves that you can spam.

Umbrella bash

MultiVersus Gizmo Guide - Umbrella Dash

While up in the air, you have a separate set of moves. For side attacks in the air, you use the umbrella bash. This has you pull out an umbrella. You dash to the side and hit any opponents caught in the move.

This will do damage to opponents when you connect. However, it will also block and knockback projectiles. This makes it a helpful shield if you’re dealing with a projectile spammer. Since Gizmo dashes in that direction too, it can help out your recovery if you use it right.

You can continue to hold the button for this move to keep the umbrella out after the initial dash. This will allow Gizmo to glide back upwards. This mobility is a key part of how Gizmo plays, it makes recoveries considerably easier if you can avoid spikes.


MultiVersus Gizmo Guide - Jump Punch

This is one of the bigger support moves for MultiVersus Gizmo. If you pull this off when you’re stood behind an opponent, you get onto their back. Once on their back, you can clear off any buffs or effects that have been stacked on the character. You can also still use some of your attacks. Such as the neutral bow.

Along with clearing buffs, Gizmo will be something of a shield too. You’ll share any damage taken, so nothing hits the other character quite as hard. You can also make use of some shielding moves to directly block your teammate from taking damage.

You can use the move on enemies too. You won’t jump on anyone’s back, but if you manage to connect during the jump up you’ll deal some damage.

Corrugated Camouflage

MultiVersus Gizmo Guide - Camouflage

This is the MultiVersus Gizmo’s down special, it’s a defensive move. You pull out a toybox and hop inside. It blocks attacks while you’re inside. This is a great move for blocking out projectile damage but it does still allow melee attacks.

This one isn’t the most complicated move. It can work as protection when you need it. It can be particularly useful if you’re vulnerable without your teammate for a while. Provided you’re quick at avoiding melee attacks.

If you use this move while on an opponent’s back, it’s different. You can’t both fit in the toybox! In this case, you’ll pull out an umbrella instead. On the back of enemies, this is still pretty useful. This is kind of an attempt at the tortoise formation! It blocks out projectile fire. This forces enemies to engage in a melee fight. If your teammate is one of the better brawlers, this can make opponents fight on your terms.

Falling Furball

MultiVersus Gizmo Guide - Stomp

The Falling Furball is another replacement for the toybox move. This is the down move when you’re in the air. It is a ground-pound style slam down.

When you activate it, you’ll spike downward and do damage to anyone lingering below. If you can hit, then you’ll bounce up a little. Keep that in mind. While you do bounce back a bit, it’s still a risky move for an off-stage spike here. Although, Gizmo has decent recovery in an emergency.

Time to Listen – Passive Effect

MultiVersus Gizmo Guide Silenced

This is a passive effect for Gizmo. It deals with the music status that his attacks inflict. This is a more unique buff. It comes directly from those projectile music notes, giving a lot of his moves a few different strategies for you to take. it’s a major part of the MultiVersus Gizmo moveset.

The effect from the music will silences enemies when they get to the max stack. This will stop their cooldowns. This is particularly effective for some characters. Batman is in trouble with the cooldowns. Although, brawlers without many cooldowns won’t be too bothered so keep this in mind when you’re stacking music on enemies.

Allies are affected too. While they have the buff, they’ll make their own musical notes when they evade enemies or overlap with them. This can be a buff that is easy to stack up if you’re paying attention to it.

Enemies need a stack of eight to be effected. Allies only take three. This means it pays more to stack on your partner. However, that then makes it easier to get higher stacks on opponents.

MultiVersus Gizmo Perks Guide

MultiVersus Gizmo Guide

As with all fighters, Gizmo has some unique perks that you can pick between.  Players can pick up to three perks. That includes his signature perks that are designed for the MultiVersus Gizmo moveset specifically. These give effects or boosts to a character which help you to build on your play style and make the character feel more unique.  These are all of the Gizmo perks:

Utility Perks

  • Aerial Acrobat – Your team gets a 10% air acceleration increase.
  • Triple Jump – You can do an extra jump in the air after hitting an aerial attack.

Offensive Perks

  • Make it Rain Dog – projectile speed is increased by 10% for your team.
  • Deadshot – You get an extra 5% DMG for projectiles.

Defensive Perks

  • Back-to-Back – Your team gets an extra 6% reduced damage when close by.

Signature Perks

  • Bounce, Bounce, Boom! – You can bounce off of popcorn and toy cars while you’re using the air down special attack. They will then explode.
  • Power Cuddle – You can charge attacks quicker while Gizmo is on an ally.
  • Rhythm’s Gonna Getcha – Music status effects will cause enemies to dance instead of silencing them.

Those are all of the perks. There are some great picks, but which is right depends on your play style. Some that focus on buffs when you’re on an enemy’s back will be useful for some players. If you’re looking to maximize the time you spend as a two-man fighter rather than separate! Although, Gizmo has plenty of utility outside of that so there are more perks to help you be a more direct fighter too.

That’s everything you need to know about the MultiVersus Gizmo kit. Compared to come other recent additions to the game, he has a unique set of skills that can let you develop a different way of playing in 2-v-2. Not every player gets too excited by having new support characters. However, it fleshes out the roster. Gizmo has an interesting set of moves for players to jump into.

MultiVersus Gizmo Guide – Moves, Perks, and More
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