Rhodes vs. Seoul Dynasty & Results – Overwatch League 2023 Spring Stage Knockouts East

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Rhodes vs. Seoul Dynasty & Results – Overwatch League 2023 Spring Stage Knockouts East

Rhodes vs. Seoul Dynasty will be the first official match in the Spring Stage Knockouts East, and ever, to feature a Contenders team and Overwatch League team against each other.

The Seoul Dynasty want to prove their still a step above the semi-pros, while Rhodes want to change their legacy forever.


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Rhodes is like the Chinese equivalent of Poker Face. The team features a good amount of former Overwatch League players and placed at the top of Contenders China. They had a good run going, until they fell a bit short to the powerhouse Korean Contenders teams in the Spring Stage Open. Now, it the Spring Stage Knockouts East they'll have to not only have to figure out how to defeat those teams, but Overwatch League teams as well!



  • Hongding “Odium” Huang-Li


  • Yuanjinghao “Apr1ta” Li
  • Zhuo “Pineapple” Li


  • Nian “Kaneki” Liu
  • Xiaodong “Coldj” Tong

Seoul Dynasty

The Dynasty have been on a downward spiral ever since their first win against the Seoul Infernal. It's come to the point where people wonder if the Dynasty will even be able to take on tougher Contenders teams. The question to be answered is whether or not Rhodes is a good enough team to actually beat them. If Dynasty can take a win over Rhodes, especially if its a heavy win, they can pick up some much needed momentum and be reminded of what works for them.

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Jun-woo “Void” Kang

  • Eliminations: 42
  • Deaths: 12
  • Damage: 24,737

Gyu-tae “Belosrea” Hwang

  • Eliminations: 157
  • Deaths: 60
  • Damage: 82,864


Junyoung “Profit” Park

  • Eliminations: 213
  • Deaths: 81
  • Damage: 105,533

Hyun-been “Prophet” Kim

  • Eliminations: 174
  • Deaths: 79
  • Damage: 91,869


Soo-Min “LeeSooMin” Lee

  • Eliminations: 101
  • Deaths: 77
  • Damage: 42,701
  • Healing: 143,105

Young-hoon “Krillin” Jeong

  • Eliminations: 114
  • Deaths: 64
  • Damage: 47,278
  • Healing: 98,577

Rhodes vs. Seoul Dynasty Results


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