Resident Evil 4 Remake Mercenaries – How to Kick Ass and Chew Bubble-Gum

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Resident Evil 4 Remake Mercenaries – How to Kick Ass and Chew Bubble-Gum

Resident Evil 4 Remake Mercenaries mode is finally here. And we'll teach you how to kick ass even harder!

The Resident Evil 4 Remakes Mercenaries DLC was released today for everyone who owns a copy of the RE4 Remake. You can simply download it on your chosen platform after installing the recent update.

While the main game is all fine and dandy, the situations where the combat gets to stretch its wings and breathe are surprisingly sparse. But Mercenaries is here to fix this. If you're looking to get the most out of the RE4 Remake this is probably its best content!

What is Resident Evil 4 Remake Mercenaries?

Before we can explain to you how to become the ultimate parasite eliminator, we should probably explain what Resident Evil 4 Remake Mercenaries is and why it is the greatest thing ever.

Mercenaries is an optional game mode that has been part of the Resident Evil DNA since Resident Evil 3 Nemesis. The mode puts your survival horror skills as you fight off more and more body horrors with a limited arsenal in a small enclosed space.

In Resident Evil 4 terms, just imagine the intro village segment (which is the first map) only that it never ends and is turned into an arcade shooting gallery.

The objective is simple and delightful, survive as long as you can while taking down as many enemies as possible in small enclosed maps. You still have to watch your ammo and health items but every character comes with their own loadout and special techniques.

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Getting Good

Pick Your Fights

Like in the main game and classic RE gameplay, you have to consider under extreme pressure from where you can pick off enemies. You're always going to be surrounded so you need to make your stand becomes of utmost importance.

Try to position yourself so that there is always an escape route while the main bulk of the enemy forces approaches you through some kind of tunnel. It takes a bit to learn the maps, but once you get it down you can funnel and direct the parasitic hordes exactly how you want them.

Make Use of Melee Attacks

While the context-sensitive melee attacks already found use in the main game, it's only in RE4 Mercenaries that you'll learn to appreciate them.

The headshot + roundhouse kick combo by Leon is always useful, but you want to focus on running melee attacks instead. This will often knock back several enemies, giving you some space to breathe and more importantly, take them out.

Parry. A lot.

The Parry mechanic introduced in the RE4 Remake was one of the cooler additions to the game. Here in The Mercenaries, you get to hone that skill and put it to good use.

Because chances are that someone will always either throw something nasty your way or try to gauge out every part of you. Successful parries and perfect parries, the ones that prompt you for a melee attack, will also build your Mayhem Gauge.


The main thing you'll be doing while playing RE4 Mercenaries is racking up points. You do that by killing enemies but you can also land combos for more points. This is very straightforward, just kill more enemies within a certain timeframe and your combo multiplier will go up.

And you can manage to get a 100+ combo going, every kill after it will be with 1.5x the points.

re4 mercenaries

Getting the Egg

Since this is Resident Evil 4, don't think you'll get away without doing something stupid. There are chickens hidden in every level and killing them will drop golden eggs. If you can, you should really try and go for them, just don't make it your main objective.

Collecting one of those chicken eggs will reward you with 50.000 extra points. But be careful, they are fast. So try and use a shotgun on explosives to take them down. If you want to do the math real quick, normal enemies are 500 points.

Cause Mayhem

The Mayhem Gauge is a special meter that fills up whenever you defeat enemies or parry an attack. Filling the meter up will allow you to use Mayhem Mode, which special actions available for all characters.

Leon will get a temporary boost to this speed and attack power, all characters will also earn more points when killing enemies in Mayhem Mode. So don't hold it too long and use it whenever you're able to clear out a bunch of enemies.

You can fill up your Mayhem Gauge faster by collecting special golden orbs hidden throughout the level.

Increase Your Time

You'll start the level with a set timer, the round ends if the timer runs out, all the enemies (150) are defeated or you die. But there are numerous ways you can add more time to the timer.

The major way of doing so is by defeating enemies. Getting a kill by headshot, melee attack, or in Mayhem Mode will get you 2 seconds extra, a knife kill gets you 4 seconds and an explosion kills one 1 second.

Killing strong enemies or destroying green orbs that'll randomly appear on the map can net you anywhere from 20 to 90 seconds extra. And if you manage to kill all 150 enemies, the remaining time will be multiplied by 1.000 and added to your score.

Understanding the Ranks

At the end of every stage, you'll get a ranking, just like the main game. These are mostly there to tell you how well you've done but they'll also unlock stuff for you. The ranking requirements go as such:

Score Points
A Rank 100.000 or more
S Rank 200.000 or more
S+ Rank 500.000 or more
S++ Rank 1.000.000 or more

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And Why Play Resident Evil 4 Remake Mercenaries?

Besides being able to play 3 characters that aren't Leon who come with their own moves and weapons. The Mercenaries mode only really appeals to the few who want to test their survival horror skills. Or so you thought.

By reaching S Rank or higher on all three stages of Mercenaries on any character, you'll unlock the Hand Cannon for the main game. In the main game, unlocking this weapon usually requires beating the game without the use of any bonus weapon on Professional difficulty.

And if you're going for completion of Resident Evil 4 Remake, or just want an easy way to breeze through the game again. This is an amazing reward. And you don't even have to finish or even start the main game to play the Mercenaries. So get yourself that advantage.

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Resident Evil 4 Remake Mercenaries – How to Kick Ass and Chew Bubble-Gum
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