Remnant 2 How to Unlock the Summoner Archetype

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Remnant 2 How to Unlock the Summoner Archetype

Players in Remnant 2 can pick an archetype (class) with which to start the game from the Challenger, the Hunter, the Medic, and the Handler (and the Gunslinger for those who pre-ordered the game). However, as the story develops, you will have the option of choosing a second archetype from either those that were present at the start or from those that you can find. However, Remnant 2 does allow for the discovery of new archetypes if certain criteria are satisfied. As a result, we have decided to publish an article in which we describe how to unlock the Summoner archetype in Remnant 2.

Remnant 2 Summoner archetype

The Remnant 2 Summoner archetype has the strength of being able to control minions who do the player's bidding. The Summoner is able to ensure that his minions are able to deal higher damage, have higher attack speed and movement speed. Also, another very important thing to keep in mind is the fact that minions can be sacrificed in such a way as to ensure a higher attack strength for your character. Finally, minions can also be useful for creating healing auras which, if you use relics, allow you to increase their health and the damage they inflict.

As with all other classes, the Remnant 2 Summoner also comes with a Prime Perk, “Ruthless”. With this perk, whenever the Summoner deals damage to his minions, he causes them to have an Enrage state. As a result, therefore, minions gain a 30% damage increase, as well as an increase in attack and movement speed. When the perk reaches level 5, this percentage rises to 40%; to get up to 50% when the perk is level 10.

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As for the skills, as usual, even those of the Summoner are three and cannot be equipped at the same time. For this reason, we advise you to study these skills in the best possible way and to decide carefully when to use them in order not to be caught unprepared in the most difficult moments of the game. Furthermore, we point out that these skills have quite long cooldown periods, which is another reason to be aware of their characteristics before using them.

The first ability, “Minion: Hollow”, allows you to summon a Root Hollow Minion that will aid you in combat. To be able to summon it, however, you will have to spend 15% of your max health and you can summon a maximum of two of them. If instead of pressing the ability, you hold it, this will allow you to sacrifice the minion to deal 150 damage over 2 meters. It also allows you to reduce the ability's cooldown time based on how much health the sacrificed minion had.

The second ability, “Minion: Flyer”, allows you to summon a Root Flyer Minion to your side. Again, you will have to spend 10% of your max health and you can only summon two minions. If you hold the ability instead, this will cause you to sacrifice the minion dealing 50 damage in a 3m arc, as well as spawn three projectiles that explode on contact dealing 150 damage.

Finally, the third ability, “Minion: Reaver”, makes it possible to summon a Root Reaver Minion ready to aid you in battle. In this case, you will have to spend 35% of your max health and you can only summon one. If instead, you decide to hold the ability, this action will turn into the sacrifice of the minion which will allow you to inflict 200 damage in a radius of 6 meters, as well as spawn Spore Bombs that explode on contact inflicting 200 damage. Once the minion is sacrificed, the ability's cooldown time can be reduced by up to 50%.

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How to unlock Summoner in Remnant 2

As mentioned at the beginning of this article, Remnant 2 features archetypes that are not instantly available but can be unlocked once particular requirements are met. This also holds true for the Summoner archetype, which will take some time to unlock but may be done so by following our approach.

First of all, in order to be able to unlock this archetype, you must have the “Tome of The Bringer” Enegram. To get hold of this item, you must first obtain the material associated with it which can be obtained by crafting the Faded Grimoire. This item can be crafted at Bloodmoon Altar (Yaesha) using Blood Moon Essence (dropped by Root Wisps during blood moon).

Once you have everything you need to get the Tome of the Bringer, all you have to do is go to Ward 13 by Wallace to be able to craft this item. At this point, you'll be ready to be able to make use of this new archetype that you unlocked by simply equipping this Engram.

Remnant 2 How to Unlock the Summoner Archetype
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