Remnant 2 How to Unlock the Invader Archetype

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Remnant 2 How to Unlock the Invader Archetype

The available archetypes (classes) for players to pick from when they first start Remnant 2 are the Challenger, the Hunter, the Medic, and the Handler (as well as the Gunslinger for those who pre-ordered the game). As the plot develops, though, you will have the option to choose a second archetype from those that were there at the beginning or from those that you can find. However, if certain conditions are satisfied, Remnant 2 does allow for the discovery of unique archetypes. Due to this, we have chosen to publish an article in which we describe how to unlock the Invader archetype in Remnant 2.

Remnant 2 Invader archetype

The Invader represents a distinct and specialized character archetype, displaying unparalleled expertise in evasiveness and deception on the battlefield. With their exclusive set of abilities, they possess the remarkable skill to create and deploy decoys, skillfully diverting enemy attention from their allies. By leveraging their mastery of manipulating space and time, they gain a tactical advantage in combat, enabling them to deliver enhanced damage, minimize threat generation, and briefly attain invincibility.

As with all other classes, the Remnant 2 Invader also comes with a Prime Perk, “Shadow”. Thanks to this perk, casting an Invader skill leaves a decoy for 3 seconds which draws enemy fire. Also, it deals +5% additional damage to enemies not targeting the Invader. When the perk reaches level 5, it will deal +10% damage; when the perk reaches level 10, it will deal +15% damage to enemies.

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Even the three skills available to the Invader, which cannot be equipped at the same time, have a limited skill set. Because of this, we advise you to carefully investigate these strategies and determine when to use them in order to prevent getting caught off guard during the game's most difficult circumstances. We also note out that these skills have quite long cooldown periods, which is another reason to be mindful of their characteristics before using them.

The first ability, “Void Cloak,” allows the Remnant 2 Invader archetype to automatically perfect evade incoming direct damage for 60 seconds. Each auto-evade spawns a decoy for three seconds and reduces the timer by 33% to 100% depending on the amount of damage it takes.

Warping through space-time is accomplished by the second ability, “Worm Hole.” The subsequent melee or ranging attack will deal 300% damage within the next 5 seconds. The aiming device will appear when the skill button is pressed and held. In the event that an adversary is directly targeted, the caster will appear behind that person.

The third and final talent, “Reboot,” launches a data backup of the caster's current Health, Stamina, Relic Charges, Ammo, and Negative Status Effects, which is stored for 30 seconds. Also, this skill increases Movement Speed by 15% and Damage Reduction by 10% while the backup is in use. When the skill is reactivated, all backup-saved values are restored, and a 3-second decoy is spawned.

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remnant 2 invader

How to unlock Invader in Remnant 2

As was stated at the beginning of this article, Remnant 2 features archetypes that are not instantly accessible but can be unlocked after meeting certain requirements. This is also true for the Remnant 2 Invader archetype, which will take some time to uncover but might be done so by following our method.

First of all, players must get the Serrated Root Blade Engram in order to unlock the Invader archetype. In order to obtain it, you must visit Root Earth. The Corrupted Harbor's little checkpoint, where you can obtain an amulet called the Escalation Protocol, is not far from a large open arena area. There will be a blue particle effect as soon as you take up the Amulet. Now you can get a consumable called Walker's Dream that may be obtained by swinging the Dreamcatcher. Once done so, in order to obtain the Wooden Shiv, use the Walker's Dream to battle Bane and vanquish it.

Once you have everything you need to get the Serrated Root Blade, all you have to do is go to Ward 13 by Wallace to be able to craft this item. At this point, you'll be ready to be able to make use of this new archetype that you unlocked by simply equipping this Engram.

Remnant 2 How to Unlock the Invader Archetype
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