Remnant 2 How to Unlock the Explorer Archetype

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Remnant 2 How to Unlock the Explorer Archetype

Between the Challenger, the Hunter, the Medic, and the Handler (and the Gunslinger for those who pre-ordered the game), players in Remnant 2 can select an archetype (class) with which to begin the game. However, as the plot progresses, you will be able to equip a second archetype from either those that were present at the beginning or from those that you can discover. In truth, if specific conditions are met in Remnant 2, it is possible to find new archetypes. Due to this, we have chosen to write an article in which we explain how to unlock the Explorer archetype in Remnant 2.

Remnant 2 Explorer archetype

The Explorer is one of the archetypes that players can unlock once they continue through the story and meet the required requirements. The Remnant 2 Explorer is a type of class that specializes in discovering valuables and being able to give you essential team utilities. Anyone who decides to use this type of archetype will be able to have access to rarer items and drops once they have defeated the strongest enemies.

Thanks to the different skills he possesses, the Remnant Explorer archetype is able to increase the loot-gathering capacity, increase the damage inflicted by his companions, discover hidden treasures and increase the movement speed for all his allies. The fact of being a class that is able to increase the drops of rare items is a very useful thing and that can certainly be very useful when facing the dangers that populate the world of Remnant 2.

Like all other classes, the Explorer also has perks and skills at his disposal which he can count on during battles. Among the various perks that characterize this class, the most important one, the Prime Perk is “Lucky”. This perk ensures that the chance of rare drops spawning when defeating stronger enemies is 10%. Once you reach level 5, this percentage increases to 25% and then increases to 35% when the perk reaches level 10.

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As for the skills, those made available to this archetype are three, even if they cannot all be equipped at the same time. For this reason, therefore, you will have to choose with the right care which skill to use and when also because the cooldown periods of each individual skill are not very short.

The first skill we refer to in this article is called “Plainswalker”. This ability, once activated, has a duration of 30 seconds and allows you to increase movement speed by 20% and reduce the cost of stamina used by all players by 80%. It is therefore intuitive to say that this skill can certainly be very useful in the most difficult fights, but keep in mind that it has a cooldown period of almost a minute.

The second ability of the Remnant 2 Explorer archetype is called “Gold Digger”. This skill allows players to dig a hole in the ground to create a fountain that is able to grant a random buff. The duration of the fountain is 45 seconds, while its buffs last 15 seconds. The benefits of this skill are many: damage increased by 10%, reduction of damage taken by 15%, health regeneration of 1.5 per second, or the Haste effect.

The third and final skill, “Fortune Hunter”, allows you to increase the chance of revealing the presence of rare objects in the game world within a radius of 40 meters for all players present in the match. Its duration is quite long as it lasts for 1 minute, at the same time, however, its cooldown period is almost a minute and a half. For this reason, we advise you to use it sparingly and only in areas that you believe may hide rare items.

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remnant 2 explorer

How to unlock Explorer in Remnant 2

Remnant 2 has archetypes that are not immediately accessible but can be unlocked after certain conditions are satisfied, as was stated at the beginning of this article. This also applies to the Explorer archetype, which will not be available right away but can be unlocked if you use our guide.

First of all, in order to be able to unlock this archetype, you must have the “Golden Compass” Enegram. To get hold of this item, you must first obtain the material associated with it which can be obtained by defeating the enemy Annihilation. This enemy can be dealt with at the end of the main story in Root Earth.

Annihilation is one of the mandatory bosses that you will need to defeat if you want to advance in the game. For this reason, therefore, it is not possible not to get the Broken Compass object that you will need to get the Golden Compass. Once this boss is defeated, therefore, all you have to do is collect his drop and go to Ward 13 from Wallace, so you can craft the Engram you need to unlock the Explorer archetype. In conclusion, therefore, unlocking this archetype will not be difficult, unless you find problems defeating the Annihilation boss.

Remnant 2 How to Unlock the Explorer Archetype
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