Remnant 2: 400 Hours are not Enough to See Everything

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Remnant 2: 400 Hours are not Enough to See Everything

On top of the strong foundation that the first chapter had already established, Remnant 2 seems to be a wonderful evolution. However, its extension appears to be especially outstanding given that, according to the game's creators, it will take more than 400 hours to fully explore all of its elements.

Remnant 2 is a huge game

However, it is pretty clear that Remnant 2 truly has a rather sizable game world on its side. It is obviously vital to calibrate the statements made by the makers of a title near to the market debut. For this reason, the Gunfire Games team used the slightly ambiguous but tenable phrase, “Possibility of Seeing or Obtaining 100% of Everything the Title Has to Offer.”

“Not even hardcore gamers who hit 400+ hours of gameplay, editors who got Early Access, or the internal developers themselves,” according to the development team, “have seen or gotten 100 percent of everything in Remnant 2.”

Ben Cureton, the game's primary designer, specifically highlighted this on Twitter, saying that there are many mysteries and other things to find in the new game. That is not to suggest that it is impossible to get to a conclusion; rather, the team has labored to make the objectives very attainable.

“We made sure that reaching 100% of the goals was within the reach of the players, but then we went above and beyond that to make sure the game still remains interesting even after reaching that goal,” explained Cureton.

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Remnant 2 è quindi un gioco ricco di segreti da scoprire che terrà impegnati i giocatori per molto tempo. Se siete curiosi di avere un assaggio di tutto quello che il mondo di gioco ha da offrire, vi consigliamo di vedere un video gameplay dei primi 16 minuti della campagna, oltre che a leggere il nostro Remnant 2 reviews roundup article con alcune delle recensioni dei maggiori siti.

Remnant 2 is therefore a game full of secrets to discover that will keep players busy for a long time. If you're curious to get a taste of everything the game world has to offer, we recommend watching a gameplay video of the first 16 minutes of the campaign, as well as reading our Remnant 2 reviews roundup article with some of the reviews from the major sites.

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Remnant 2: 400 Hours are not Enough to See Everything
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