Remnant 2 Reviews Roundup

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Remnant 2 Reviews Roundup

Remnant 2 reviews have been put online, revealing how the game managed to convince critics who decided to award Gunfire Games' latest work with good marks. This is certainly not a novelty, as already from the trailers published by the same software house over time and thanks to some websites that had the chance to play it earlier.

As of this writing, the score on Metacritic is different for each platform. The game will officially release on July 25 and is available on PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X|S. If you are interested in buying the game but you are still hesitant, in this Remnant 2 reviews roundup article, we have decided to include reviews from some of the major specialized publications in the sector.

IGN – 9/10

“Where Remnant: From The Ashes was a strong first draft, Remnant 2 is a revolutionary sequel and a sterling manifesto for the looter-shooter soulslike.” [Read full review] – Travis Northup

Shacknews – 9/10

“Remnant 2’s action, loot, and bosses are cranked up to 11. It’s a marked improvement over the first game, with the fat trimmed and all the good parts ready for devouring right from the start. There’s a lot to love here, with more surprises and reasons to play even after multiple playthroughs. Though I do have a few gripes, they fade into the background as there’s just so much to enjoy here in the minute-to-minute gameplay.” [Read full review] – Sam Chandler

COGconnected – 9/10

“Gunfire Games’ Remnant 2 is one of those rare sequels that takes a collection of good ideas and makes them even better. Everything about Remnant 2 is an improvement or elaboration from the first game. It looks great and the action is challenging without being overly punishing. Best of all, Remnant 2 makes creative and meaningful changes to the Soulslike formula, helping it to stand out from a deluge of copycat action RPGs. I can’t imagine any fan of Remnant: From the Ashes being anything but thrilled by Remnant 2.” [Read full review] – Mark Steinghner

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Twinfinite – 9/10

“If you’re a fan of the first game or want a new third-person shooter with tons of replayability thanks to randomized levels and dungeons, this game is the right choice for you. Remnant 2 might not technically be a looter shooter, but plenty of loot can be found. You have to be willing to go down the spooky alleyway or head into the mysterious hole in the ground and trust you’ll find something cool.” [Read full review] – Cameron Waldrop

GamingTrend – 8.5/10

“Gunfire Games knew exactly what they were doing when working on the sequel to their sleeper hit from 2019. Remnant 2 improves upon its predecessor in almost every way, with overhauled systems, beautiful environments, fancy weapons, new enemies, deadly bosses, more build variety, and last but not least, more cooperative action. This is a no brainer must play for anyone who enjoyed the first game or for those looking for some challenging gunplay.” [Read full review] – Henry Viola

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Attack of the Fanboy – 8/10

“Remnant 2 feels like a love letter to the fans of the first, with an emphasis on replayability and some new features. The different experiences that the game can generate from one person to the next are impressive, as each run feels unique. Combat feels great, and the freedom in build creation is a huge improvement over its predecessor. Still, some issues with the game's core may leave some disappointed.” [Read full review] – Christian Bognar

VideoGamer – 8/10

“Remnant 2 successfully evolves on its predecessor, isolating and expanding upon the best aspects to create a cohesive and challenging shooter experience, supplemented by stunningly designed environments and a unique story system. A cooperative game at heart, its single-player campaign takes a hit, but never enough to substantially detract from the game’s successes.” [Read full review] – Alex Raisbeck

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Hardcore Gamer – 8/10

“Building on everything that was great about the original — from enemy variety to boss design to the means by which one can customize their play-style — Remnant II just about scrapes by with a follow-up that befits the mantle of “bigger, better, bolder” in numerous ways. The dangling and unfortunately noted caveat is the current performance at launch. The almighty saving grace however — and one that ultimately comes to frame Remnant II in more flattering colors — is just how significantly more rewarding the sequel feels compared to the 2019 original. Superb execution on art-style, level design and simply how one approaches the onslaught before them, though flawed in its more technical aspects, Remnant II‘s wealth of content, fulfilling challenge and broad expanding on the template it established more than makes up for its shortcomings.” [Read full review] – Jordan Helm

GameWatcher – 7.5/10

“Remnant 2's revamped archetype system and improved world generation breathe new life into what otherwise remains an iterative sequel that sees no need to fix what isn't broken. Great gunplay and creative weapon mods fuel its addictive moment-to-moment gameplay, while offering enough reasons to keep clearing dungeons, grinding materials, and upgrading or trying out new guns.” [Read full review] – Bogdan Robert Mates

PC Invasion – 4/10

“If you're searching for a game to play with friends, Remnant 2 can provide an entertaining experience, but you should consider other options if you want a game to play alone. Although the graphics and storyline may not be awe-inspiring, the dynamic generation feature turns Remnant 2 into a game you and your friends can enjoy for an extended period, resulting in one of the most replayable games of the year. Still, I was disappointed with the long-awaited sequel due to frustrating character mechanics, outdated visuals, and lack of a compelling story to connect with.” [Read full review] – Matthew Kevin Mitchell

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Remnant 2 Reviews Roundup
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