The Reak Mission Guide In Warcraft Rumble: Hinterlands Campaign

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The Reak Mission Guide In Warcraft Rumble: Hinterlands Campaign

Stuck in the Hinterlands Campaign? Check out our Reak Mission Guide in Warcraft Rumble to defeat this formidable boss

The Reak is a menacing boss in the Reak Hinterlands campaign. It stands as a powerful adversary that players encounter as they progress through the game. This boss, with its unique set of challenges, becomes a focal point in the storyline, marking a significant hurdle for players striving to advance further. Let's get down to how to complete this campaign with ease.

What To Expect When Facing The Reak Mission In Warcraft Rumble

As players progress through the campaign, they'll come face to face with this distinctive adversary. What sets the Reak apart is its unique mechanic—when taking damage, the map it resides in periodically spawns a variety of additional enemies, adding an extra layer of challenge to the encounter. Be prepared to conquer the Reak in your Warcraft Rumble journey.


Here are some of Reak’s Strengths to account for in the game.

  • Resilience: The Reak boasts remarkable resilience, making it difficult to bring down conventional attacks.
  • Devouring Ability: One of the distinct features of the Reak is its ability to devour player monsters, adding an extra layer of complexity to the battle. Players must strategize to minimize the impact of this devouring mechanic.
  • High Health Pool: With a substantial health pool, defeating the Reak requires sustained effort and a well-thought-out approach.
  • Unique Attacks: The Reak possesses unique attacks or abilities that challenge players to adapt their strategies in real time during the battle.


Here are some of the enemies players will encounter when fighting the Reak

Horde Units: These guys come in swarms and can overwhelm you if not handled correctly. Use AOE (Area of Effect) damage from heroes like Ren Blackand or spells like Blizzard to thin their numbers.

Pyromancer: The Pyromancer can be a pain, especially for units like Harpies. Try to time your troop placements to minimize their impact, and if possible, use units with resistance to fire damage.

Harpies: These aerial units can swiftly take out your troops. Deploy ground units with high damage or spells like Blizzard to clear them out. Harpies are a priority target due to their ability to disrupt your strategy.

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Goblin Sapper: This enemy is a trickster. It's crucial to catch it off guard. Use fast-moving troops or spells to quickly eliminate the Goblin Sapper before it wreaks havoc on your forces.

Tower: The Tower is a defensive structure that can cause problems. Plan your attacks carefully, and consider using units with high health to absorb the damage while dealing with other threats.

Overtime: The longer the battle, the tougher it gets. Be prepared for overtime, and make sure your strategy can endure prolonged engagements. Healing spells or units with sustained abilities can be beneficial.

What Deck to Use To Defeat The Reak

Here is a potential deck with our choice of leader you can use to defeat the Reak

Leader: Rend Blackhand

The Reak Mission Guide In Warcraft Rumble: Hinterlands Campaign

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Rend Blackhand proves to be a formidable leader for this challenging stage. His dragon form deals substantial AOE damage, making it effective against hordes and the boss. The key lies in managing his placement and timing to maximize his impact. Ensure he has enough health to endure the boss's attacks and strategically deploy him for optimal results.

Other Deck Units

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Necromancer: The Necromancer, a linchpin in your strategy, takes the stage as an essential summoner. Its primary role is to conjure skeletons, serving as both a distraction for the boss and a means to confound other enemies. To truly harness its potential, invest in upgrades that not only enhance summoning efficiency but also reinforce its viability in the heat of battle.

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Harpies: Harpies soar into action as your agile assassins, specializing in dealing with enemy troops. Their swift movements make them particularly adept at eliminating threats, especially troublesome Pyromancers. Elevate their combat prowess by committing to upgrades, ensuring their damage output becomes a force to be reckoned with on the battlefield.

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Drake: The Drake, your ground unit AOE (Area of Effect) specialist, takes center stage as the horde-controlling powerhouse. With its ability to rain down damage on multiple foes, the Drake becomes indispensable. Keep its effectiveness at its peak by consistently upgrading, ensuring it remains a formidable force against ground units throughout your campaign.

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Goblin Sapper: Enter the Goblin Sapper, your tactical disruptor strategically placed to catch enemies off guard. Its unique ability to disrupt enemy formations can create invaluable opportunities for your forces. To maximize its effectiveness, invest in upgrades that enhance its disruptive capabilities, making it an increasingly potent asset on the battlefield.

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Blizzard (Spell): The Blizzard spell emerges as your trump card for widespread devastation. A must-have for AOE damage, it plays a pivotal role in controlling the horde and dismantling clusters of enemies. Prioritize the enhancement of its potency through upgrades, solidifying its place as a cornerstone in your spell repertoire.

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Skeletons: The versatile Skeletons make their presence felt, capable of being summoned anywhere on the battlefield. Leverage their strategic potential to distract enemies or reinforce specific areas as needed. Elevate their durability through consistent upgrades, transforming them into resilient assets that can withstand the ebb and flow of the ever-intense battles you'll face.

Strategies For Defeating the Reak

Confronting the Reak in the Warcraft Rumble Hinterlands campaign demands a nuanced strategic approach. Start by deploying high-damage heroes like Rend Blackhand, whose prowess efficiently chips away at the Reak's substantial health pool. This initial offensive strike sets the stage for a well-coordinated assault.

To further disrupt the Reak's focus and enhance your team's longevity, leverage summoning units like the Necromancer. These units act as invaluable distractions, diverting the Reak's attention and providing other units with crucial moments to inflict additional damage.

Crafting an adaptive deck composition emerges as a pivotal strategy. Tailor your deck with units and spells designed specifically to counter the Reak's unique abilities. Troop-controlling Harpies, AOE damage spells such as Blizzard to manage spawned minions, and strategically deployed Goblin Sappers for surprise attacks constitute essential components of this specialized deck.

Mastering well-timed spell usage becomes a critical skill in this encounter. Ensure that spells like Blizzard are strategically employed at pivotal moments, effectively managing the minions spawned by the Reak and turning the tide of the battle in your favor.

Defeat The Reak In No Time!

Boss monsters in Warcraft Rumble have different mechanics that players can use to their advantage. Most bosses aren't as complicated as they seem. The main challenge is the limited time to defeat each boss.

Players who fail often struggle with time management rather than understanding the boss's mechanics. So, good luck in defeating the Reak and progressing through the campaign!

The Reak Mission Guide In Warcraft Rumble: Hinterlands Campaign
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