Ready or Not Rust Belt Mission Guide

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Ready or Not Rust Belt Mission Guide

In Ready or Not, there are different types of missions that you can take part in, all of which have in common the fact that they are well created and have the task of challenging even the most experienced players. One of the missions you will have to face is the Ready or Not Rust Belt, which will force you to go underground to put an end to a coyote network. In this article, therefore, we will tell you everything you need to know about this mission, i.e., its objectives, how to move, and how to obtain the S rank.

How to Complete the Ready or Not Rust Belt Mission

Although the objectives of this mission are quite linear, you may have some difficulties due to the fact that you will find yourself inside an underground labyrinth. The difficulty of the mission, in fact, lies in this, especially if you want to obtain the maximum rating at the end of the mission. Anyway, the mission objectives ask you to report and arrest all suspects and rescue all civilians who are present in the area. It may seem like a simple thing, but there are pitfalls you need to keep in mind.

There are not many civilians, and they are not even difficult to find; you will find them on the ground floor, in one of the buildings near the place where the mission will start. Once you find them, you won't have to work very hard because they will surrender immediately, and therefore you will have no problems completing the objective that asks you to save all the civilians. The difficult part, however, is to arrest all the suspects. In fact, they are found scattered throughout the game map, sometimes really well hidden and ready to shoot you to kill you. Consequently, you will have to be very careful not to be discovered and proceed with caution, perhaps making use of some tools that the game makes available, such as the Optiwand.

Try by all means to have a very calm and reasoned approach, as you will in no way be able to complete the mission successfully if you decide to use a strategy that is too action-oriented. Remember that you are on a labyrinth-shaped map, so it will be absolutely difficult to understand where the enemies are and have a good view of them. Obviously, this applies to both parties, so you can use this to your advantage. Study the environment well and then act, trying to undermine the morale of your opponents to make them surrender and arrest.

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Since the map is practically an underground labyrinth, one of the difficulties is linked to the geographical constitution of this mission. Check any corner, door, or passageway you see, so that you are not caught off guard. Ready or Not is by no means a simple game, so the reasoned approach is certainly the most suitable for any type of situation. Try to continue with fixed points and the torch until you reach your final destination: a large cave with a boat inside.

Ready or Not Rust Belt

Ready or Not Rust Belt Soft Objectives

Now that you know in general how to complete the Ready or Not Rust Belt mission, the time has come to talk about the soft objectives that are present in it, which are essential to satisfy if you want to obtain the S rank. In this mission, there are two reports: confiscated passports and the Los Locos Barge report. Luckily for you, unlike other missions in which the soft objectives are more and more difficult, those of the Ready or Not Rust Belt mission are simple to satisfy.

In fact, the passports are found on the kitchen table which is located in the main house where we spawn as soon as we start the mission. The Los Locos Barge, however, is none other than the boat found at the end of the mission, or in the final cave, after you have successfully overcome the underground system that precedes it. Consequently, as you can see, these are very simple and quick objectives to satisfy, certainly positive news for those who want to try to obtain the S rank.

Ready or Not Rust Belt

How to Get S Rank in Ready or Not Rust Belt Mission

You have completed the mission; congratulations! And now? You can continue with the other Ready or Not missions, or if you are interested in obtaining the maximum rank in all the missions, you can replay the mission you just finished to obtain the S rank. To succeed in this aim, however, you will have to satisfy various requirements, some simpler and others more difficult. Let's see together what they are.

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The first thing to do, as in any mission, if you want to obtain the S rank, is not to use lethal weapons, but only those that can momentarily stun your opponents. Consequently, it is very important that, in case you play with AI-controlled teammates, they are not in possession of lethal weapons; otherwise, they will certainly use them, and you will no longer be able to obtain the S rank. Furthermore, bring both flashbangs and stinger grenades with you, as they will be very useful during the mission.

Another thing to know is that, as soon as the mission starts, you will have to go towards the path that is on the left. Why? Very simple. This route gives you more coverage than the others, so it's definitely a wise choice to make. Furthermore, you will also have the possibility of making your first enemies surrender in order to further clear the path that leads you to the final cave. Furthermore, given the layout of the map, bring an Optiwand with you, as we said previously, so that you can see the positioning of the enemies and hit the doors as soon as they are behind them to stun them.

Finally, as we have already mentioned in the previous paragraph of this Ready or Not Rust Belt mission guide, you will also have to complete all the soft objectives that are present in the mission, as well as having your companions help you find all the weapons that are present on the map to ensure that they count towards the final count of the evidence you managed to find. And here's everything you need to know to get the maximum rank in the Ready or Not Rust Belt mission.

Ready or Not Rust Belt

Ready or Not Rust Belt Mission Guide
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