Ready or Not S Rank Guide

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Ready or Not S Rank Guide

Do you want to know how to get the Ready or Not S Rank in all missions? This is the right article for you! Ready or Not has finally landed in its full version on the market. Since this is a tactical FPS that tries to be as realistic as possible, many will have noticed that obtaining the S Rank in missions is not such a simple thing. For this reason, in this guide, we will give you some useful tips about obtaining the Ready or Not S Rank, so that you do not enter a circle of frustration.

How to Get Ready or Not S Rank in Every Mission

As in all games of the genre, once you have completed a mission, a final screen will appear in which all your statistics regarding kills, deaths, etc. will be summarized and this will decide the grade you will get for that specific mission. Obviously, the better you are, the higher your grade will be, up to the elusive S Rank. In any game of this genre, reaching the maximum rating is not a simple thing, but in Ready or Not, it turns out to be even more complex, given its nature.

In fact, the first thing you need to know in order to aim for the S Rank is that you will have to complete all the objectives of a mission without anyone dying. As if that wasn't enough, all suspects will have to be arrested. Consequently, it goes without saying that obtaining the highest rating is not a simple thing and requires practice and strategy. However, there are some tricks you can follow to make everything easier.

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First of all, you will need to be in possession of non-lethal weapons, such as beanbag shotguns, pepperball launchers, teasers, and tactical grenades. Any other type of weapon outside of these will not allow you to obtain the S Rank. However, even using these weapons, you will still have to be very careful because beanbang shotguns are still capable of killing enemies and pepperball launchers are not effective against masked enemies, so you will have to be very prepared.

The thing you should aim for is to make your opponents' morale drop to zero so that they surrender and leave their weapons, making their arrest possible. For this reason, try to use the weapons we told you about previously and try to destroy doors using various tools. In case you decide to use the C2, however, keep in mind that it is capable of killing anyone in close proximity, so think carefully about your choices.

Consequently, reaching S Rank in Ready or Not is not a simple thing and requires a lot of patience because you absolutely cannot adopt a Rambo strategy. Fortunately for you, obtaining the maximum rating is not strictly necessary to advance in the game, so unless you want to unlock the achievement linked to it, which requires you to complete all the missions in the game with this rating, you can also not worry.

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ready or not s rank

Ready or Not S Rank Guide
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