Ready or Not Optiwand: How to Use it

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Ready or Not Optiwand: How to Use it

How does Ready or Not Optiwand work? Ready or Not has been enjoying great success worldwide since its release, thanks also to the fact that it is a very realistic FPS that puts players' skills to the test (especially if they want to obtain the S rank in their missions). Fortunately, the game provides tools to make things easier, such as Ready or Not Optiwand.

Ready or Not How to Use the Optiwand

This tool will certainly be very useful to you during your missions, so knowing how it works is very important if you want to prevail. Enemies hide everywhere and they are also very good at it, so having the help of some tool that allows you to make your missions simpler is certainly a welcome thing. In this article, therefore, we will explain everything you need to know about it.

How to Equip the Ready or Not Optiwand

The first thing to know before knowing how the Ready or Not Optiwand works is how to equip it. In fact, it may not be something so immediate and could put you in slight difficulty. But don't worry: we'll tell you exactly how to do it, so that you no longer have any kind of problem. However, rest assured, as this is not a complicated thing to do at all.

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Go to the weapon room in the back right of the Los Suenos Police Department game lobby before you begin a mission. Look for the Optiwand, also called “Mirrorgun,” in the “Long Tacticals” area. During the game, remember the special move to bring out your new tool. Press the number key “5” to get the Optiwand. This puts the Optiwand in your hands, so you can use it when necessary.

Once the Ready or Not Optiwand is in your hands, don't be shy about using it. In fact, relying on this tool can be your salvation (literally) in some situations that you will have to deal with during the game. Consequentially, look at different important places to get all the info you need before deciding what to do. Taking your time and being careful is the key to success.

After you have gathered all the information you need, tell your teammates what you find out so you can make good plans and work together on the mission. A team that knows a lot is a team that wins. The Optiwand is useful, but don't only rely on it. Keep paying attention to what's happening around you and change your tactics as needed.

Ready or Not Optiwand

How to Use the Ready or Not Optiwand to Check Under Doors

The Optiwand is a handy tool for checking behind closed doors to see if there are any potential dangers on the other side. When you want to use it, move your cursor to the very bottom of the door, and a prompt will appear, telling you to press “F.” This action allows you to peek at what's happening on the other side without opening the door. However, it's crucial to be cautious as you approach the doors. If the enemies on the other side hear you, they might try to shoot through the door or open it to catch you off guard. Sneak quietly to avoid giving away your position.

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Make sure to use the Optiwand thoughtfully to assess the situation before making any decisions. While having knowledge is essential, it's equally important to stay safe and not get shot during the mission. Keep in mind that a few doors won't work with the Optiwand because they don't have gaps at the bottom. In such cases, you will need to find alternative ways to gather information and proceed with caution.

How to Peek Around Corners Using the Ready or Not Optiwand

When you want the Optiwand to work its magic around corners, all you have to do is click the left mouse button. This action allows you to use the Optiwand freely, letting you peek around corners by simply moving your mouse. This way, you can check what's around the bend without taking any unnecessary risks.

The cool part is, unlike when you're peering under doors, there won't be a special message on the screen to guide you. You're in control! You decide when it's time to peer around corners, giving you the power to gather information whenever you need it. As a result, you can make use of this tool whenever you need it.

Ready or Not Optiwand

Ready or Not Optiwand: How to Use it
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