Planet Crafter Food – How to Get it

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Planet Crafter Food – How to Get it

Planet Crafter is a survival game where your aim is to terraform a planet to make it habitable by making use of different machinery and exploring the map. Obviously, you won't get far if you don't have food. Obtaining Planet Crafter food, however, at least as soon as you set foot on this new planet, may not seem like a simple thing.

In this article, therefore, we will tell you everything you need to know about it so that you are not caught off guard while you are trying to understand how to take your first steps in the game.

Planet Crafter Food Explained

The first thing to know is that, as soon as you spawn on the planet that you will have to terraform, you will already have with you, in the chest of your capsule, some food bags that will allow you to survive until you understand what the game mechanics are (here is an article in which we give you some advice). So, paradoxically, looking for food will not be your first thought at all, also because, if you don't build other things first, you won't be able to survive anyway.

So, after you have manufactured some water and oxygen and have started to build useful chips that will be used for the construction of the machinery that will allow you to start the process of terraforming the planet, you can decide to go explore the map in search of food. However, as usual, in the very first minutes of the game, try not to move too far from your position.

Note: Death in Planet Crafter can be a catastrophe or not; it all depends on the difficulty with which you decide to approach your adventure. On the lowest difficulty, you will lose practically nothing, while on the highest ones, you will.

Planet Crafter Food

How to Get Food in Planet Crafter

Once you are familiar with the game and know how the basic mechanics work, you can decide to go on an advance search for food. Ultimately, as you will surely have noticed, in Planet Crafter, you have to worry about three bars that will gradually decrease as time passes: the health one, the water one, and the oxygen one.

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Note: Luckily for you, your health bar will drop much more slowly than the others, giving you time to find the food you need.

At the beginning of your adventure, you only have two ways to obtain food: search in the blue crates that are scattered around the map or explore abandoned bases. Obviously, this is something that will only be necessary at the beginning of your adventure, until you unlock the Planet Crafter Food Grower. This machine, in fact, is able to grow your own food thanks to Planet Crafter Food Seeds.

But let's get back to us. Where could you find these chests and ruins to rummage through? Luckily for you, the positions are standard for everyone. In the spawn area, you will have three chests nearby that you can loot: one behind the capsule, one towards the north towards the rocks right in front of you and one on the slope after those rocks. Furthermore, if you look carefully, right in front of the spawn point and behind the rocks we mentioned, you can see a ruined base.

Planet Crafter Food

Your objective is precisely that base, as inside it there are many chests that you can loot with many resources inside them. Of course, you don't have to take everything. There are also many resources, such as Silicon, Iron, Titanium, Cobalt, Magnesium, and Ice, that you can find practically everywhere. Therefore, we advise you against collecting them.

Note: We advise you, instead, to take both the Aluminum and the Iridium that you find, as the location where these resources are located is a little further away.

What you absolutely must collect, therefore, are the bags of food and the seeds that you find in the crates, as you will need them to plant them as soon as you have access to the Food Grower. Then, collect all the bags of seeds you find and store them in a chest to be used as soon as you have the right machine.

Note: We also advise you to collect the Fabric and Alloy that you find in the chests.

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Build Your Own Planet Crafter Food Grower

Once you've collected enough food bags to survive at the start (trust me, you'll collect enough) and you've met certain terraforming requirements, the game will give you the option to build your own Food Grower. This way, you no longer have to walk around looking for food pockets, but you can grow your own food. Obviously, you will need to have the Food Seeds.

Planet Crafter Food

How to Get Planet Crafter Food Seeds

We have already mentioned this previously, but it is worth repeating. Food Seeds are easy to find, all you need to do is explore the map and track down abandoned crates and bases to loot. You can go to the same places where you went to get the bags of food, because there you will also find many bags of seeds.

Once you have managed to obtain some bags of seeds and have built your first Food Grower (it will not require any particular resources, so you can build it immediately), all you have to do is interact with it and insert one of the bags of seeds inside it that you found. Once this is done, you will have to wait a certain amount of time (which depends on the type of seed) to be able to obtain food. Each seed will give you a ration of food.

It may seem like this isn't enough, but if you build several Food Growers, you will have supplies that will be able to keep you alive. Also, some seeds have a 100% chance of regaining seed after taking food, so that means they can produce food infinitely. This is definitely a good thing.

So, as you can see, while it may seem difficult at first to be able to get food in Planet Crafter, that's actually not the case at all. You'll be able to both find supplies around the map and grow your own food, so you never have to worry about starving again. As long as you remember to eat, bring some food with you if you decide to go on a long expedition.

Planet Crafter Food – How to Get it
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