Pathea Games Reveals Charming New Management Sim – “Let’s School”

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Pathea Games Reveals Charming New Management Sim – “Let’s School”

The “My Time at Portia” developer’s latest title is going to be a lovingly-crafted school sim.

What is the game?

Set in an colorfully rural backdrop, Let's School is a charming simulator where you play as the new headmaster of your alma mater that's seen better days. During your time here, you help foster the new generation, catering to each individual need while you develop your own place of learning with style!

Autumn school

Your role in Let's School is more than just being an invisible hand that lazily guides the curriculums.

The game offers exciting array of facilities and programs that let you shape your school's quality of life. A wealth of options for clubs, special activities and early-morning exercises present themselves to you as you acquire more funding for the next academic year.

“Any fans of management sims are going to get a big kick out of this one”, Brand Manager Alice Zhou remarked. In the same statement, we also learned that Let's School started as an 18-month solo labor of love which has since then grown into a whole team who've done incredible work on the cozy sim.

Pathea Games is the game studio credited with the massive success of “My Time at Portia” and “My Time at Sandrock”, once selling over 2.8 million copies. Their games rival the likes of “Harvest Moon”, and have enamored gamers worldwide for more than a decade!

What to look forward to?

Let's School's large pool of options takes the best parts of every successful sim and adds a personal touch.

Sports clubs and other extracurriculars will become available to enrich the experience of your students, but certain activities won't be for everyone. Pathea's latest entry adds a splash of realism by giving each student and faculty member a unique personality that thrives in their preferred environment. Soon, players will be able to play around each character's likes and motivations to guarantee their happiness in the facility you place them in. Depending on where you put them, extracurriculars can either encourage or encumber the members of your second family.

Dozens of in-game facilities feature hundreds of appliances that will elevate your school to new heights. Given the space you have to play with, possibilities in day-to-day school life — much like a young students' potential — are infinite. On top of that, the quaint look of Let's School contributes to its lazy countryside atmosphere, lending a peaceful vibe to its already comfy aesthetic.

Base ball club min Archaeological club min

Let's School is a far cry from what Panthea Games is known for. But from what we've seen so far, it's definitely worth keeping an eye on if you're looking for the next best management simulator game!

What makes it stand out?

As you play, the game takes you on a more personal journey with the small bodies that attend your cozy academy, but what exactly sets “Let's School” apart from the rest? Glad you asked!

Each student enters your school with their own set of talents, which are big factors to consider when building your facilities. Teachers also (justifiably) come with stress level mechanics, which keeps you on your toes. Additionally, relationships form and fall off as the years come and go, leaving players to create their own on-campus narratives.

Lastly, random emergencies, hidden contraband and dynamic seasons will affect your playthrough to keep things unpredictable. Not much about these in-game surprises were revealed in Pathea Game's official announcement, but we've all gone through high school.

Off-campus activities and more story-driven moments are all on the roadmap as Let's School readies itself for it debut next year. While management sims are niche, few actually manage to pull it off effectively to keep a gamer's enjoyment for long. But if Pathea's commitment to unique narrative journeys is any indication, its safe to say that Let's School's whimsy title is worth remembering.

Mold your own campus when “Let's School” releases on PC in early 2023.

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Pathea Games Reveals Charming New Management Sim – “Let’s School”
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