Palworld Pal Fluids And How To Get Them

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Palworld Pal Fluids And How To Get Them

Here is how you get Pal Fluids in Palworld.

Palworld is already one of the biggest games of the year. Thanks to its glorious formula that applies the tried and true monster collecting of Pokemon to Survival games such as Valheim and the addicting if not horrifying industrialization that is Factorio.

In 24 hours, the Pocketpair's Early Access game managed to sell over 2 million units on top of being released onto the Xbox Game Pass for Xbox Series X|S and PC.

But that's not what you're here for. You're here to learn how to get Pal Fluid out of your Pals for those crafting recipes and we'll tell you how to.

How to get Pal Fluids in Palworld

Pal Fluids are a very important Resource in Palworld and you'll need it to craft some of the more important early, mid, and late-game buildings for base. Most importantly the Hot Spring will allow your Pals to rest after a hard day of work.

Good for you then that getting Pal Fluids is relatively easy. You simply have to fight and defeat Pals of the Water-Type to obtain it. You'll find these, who would've guessed near any kind of Water source, especially lakes, the sea, and bigger rivers.

The most common one you'll encounter fairly early in the game is Pengullet who can be found all over the Valley of Beginning, the first zone. You should also consider catching one or two of them as they can both water your plantations and operate your crusher which allows you to refine materials.

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Building a Hot Spring will be elemental to your base. Not only is it one of the requirements for the early upgrades, but it'll also let your Pals refill their SAN meter which will affect their usefulness in battle and day-to-day tasks.

And that's all you need to know about Pal Fluids. For more on Palworld, check out our other guides such as how to unlock and find Mounts, what content you can expect for the Early Access game in the near future, and how to make use of your Pals' souls.

Palworld Pal Fluids And How To Get Them
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