Palworld Multiplayer and PvP Guide

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Palworld Multiplayer and PvP Guide

Learn everything there is to know about Palworld Multiplayer and PvP.

Palworld is finally here and the Pokemon-esque survival RPG is making waves in the gaming scene thanks to its interesting approach to monster-catching, sandbox mechanics, and open-world antics. And while paling around with your new pals, you will probably want to dip into multiplayer to hang out with friends and strangers and explore the world of pals together.

So we've compiled everything you need about its Multiplayer and PvP. More additions will be made as more updates roll out.

Palworld Multiplayer Explained

That's right, Palworld features a Multiplayer mode that can be played with either up to 4 players joining one session or up to 32 players when joining a server. However, remember that you can join a multiplayer session with 4 players on your offline character only. Your character meets to be created anew for a server.

Multiplayer Activities

There is a variety of things to do in a multiplayer session. In Co-op, you can tackle the various challenges dotted over the overworld, pool your resources, build even grander bases, and collect all the Pals.

But on a larger session, players can split into groups and even form Guilds. Now you can also tackle some competitive objectives like stealing other players' Pals and conquering their bases. Since friendly fire is also a thing, there is also a huge potential for uneasy alliances and trouble brewing if you aren't careful.

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How to Join Multiplayer

You can join multiplayer sessions from the start menu. Alternatively, you can set your session to multiplayer and invite up to 3 friends by having them enter the Invite Code. You can also create and join a server with up to 32 players, but progress won't be carried over to your single-player character.


There are also persistent servers you can create to play on. As long as the host is online, you'll be able to play with up to 32 players at the same time. Unlike the Multiplayer sessions mentioned above, you'll have to create new characters that'll be exclusive to that server to play.

Progress can not be carried over to other savestates or multiplayer sessions after the fact.

Palworld Crossplay

Currently, Palworld does feature Crossplay but not in the same way you might be familiar with. Steam users will be able to play with Steam users as usual but anyone who purchased or plays the game via the Xbox Game Pass can only play with others on Mircosoft platforms.

So if you're on PC and wish to play with your friends on Xbox, you'll have to make sure that you buy the game via the Mircosoft Appstore or Download it via Game Pass.

Developer Pocket Pair has promised to work on a feature that'll allow players to play together across all platforms but it might take a while until that is available.

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Palworld PvP

As of writing, there is an official competitive PvP in Palworld similar to games such as Pokemon. It is a feature the developers have planned but are still testing. That doesn't mean you can't engage in some Pal on-pal violence though.

Palworld does feature friendly fire and players can fight and grief each other that way. That might be some workaround to PvP antics but you'll have to wait for the proper implementation of the mode later down the line.

And that's all you need to know about Palworlds Multiplayer and PvP. For more on Palworld, check out our other guides such as how to unlock all Achievementshow breeding works, and how you can defend your base.

Palworld Multiplayer and PvP Guide
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