Palworld Console Commands – REVEALED

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Palworld Console Commands – REVEALED

These are the Palworld Console Commands you need to know. Make sure to check them before you start playing.

After learning more about the Palword multiplayer and how to PVP, another important thing we need to talk about is the console commands. This monster battler has a lot to offer, one of which is the ability for players to use different console commands. So, here are the most popular Palword Console Commands you should know.

Palworld Console Commands – The Server

There are many reasons why you want to use different Palworld Console Commands. For example, some people do that when they want to play with friends on a dedicated server. In fact, you actually need to set up such a server in order to have access to these commands. There are several things you can do, such as using your PC or hosting it form a third-party computer. Keep in mind that having a server from such a place will have a monthly fee.

Besides hosting your own server, you can also join other Palword servers. Usually, they host up to 32 players. 

Palworld Console Commands – How to Use Them

Before you apply some of the commands mentioned below, it is important to realize that you need to have the admin password. In a situation where you are not the server owner, you will have to ask the server’s host to give it to you. Once that[‘s ready, here is what you can use

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Command What it Does
/DoExit The server will stop.
/Shutdown {Seconds} {MessageText}  The server will shut down after the time has elapsed. You can also add a text message.
/KickPlayer {Steam ID}  Kicks the player from the server.
/BanPlayer {Steam ID}  Bans the player from the server.
/TeleportToPlayer {Steam ID}  Teleports the player to the specific player.
/TeleportToMe {Steam ID}  Teleports the player to you.
/Broadcast {MessageText}  Adds a message to all players on the server.
/Info Provides information about the server.
/Save Saves the current world data.
/ShowPlayers Reveals the list of all players on the server.


Feel free to use the console commands for Palword once you start playing. This is one of the hottest new games right now, so expect to read a lot of other information about it.

Palworld Console Commands – REVEALED
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