Pacific Drive Swamp Coral – How to Find Them?

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Pacific Drive Swamp Coral – How to Find Them?

Swamp Coral is a key material that you’ll need to make progress in Pacific Drive. So, here's what you need to know about Pacific Drive Swamp Coral

In Pacific Drive, you will be venturing into an unknown world that looks like ours but is inhabited by strange scientific anomalies. This single-player survival game from Ironwood Studies will pit you against the dangers of the Exclusion Zone with your only ally being a shoddy car. You will have to collect resources, make upgrades, manage inventory, and face the hazards of this alien landscape by relying on your wits and knowledge.

As you make your way into the mid-zone of Pacific Drive, you will eventually come across a material called Swamp Coral. This is a key ingredient to help you make some of the best upgrades and progress further into the Exclusion Zone. However, Swamp Coral is not easy to find as this material can only be extracted from certain parts of the map. So, here’s everything you need to know about the Pacific Drive Swamp Coral and where you can find them.

How to Find Pacific Drive Swamp Coral?

Pacific Drive Swamp Coral - How to Find Them?
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To find Swamp Coral in Pacific Drive, you will have to wait until you reach the mid-zone. This will unlock the swamp biomes in the game which are the only places where this rare material can be obtained from. You can use this material to increase your inventory size or craft certain protective outfits. So, here’s how you can find and collect them:

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Your first step should be to make your way to The Mires. When you arrive, open your map and locate any area with water. You can identify these areas by the blue circle around them. If you make your way toward them, there’s a high chance you’ll find a Reef Nest. These structures are the only places where you can extract Swamp Coral. They can be easily spotted from afar as they have a very crude shape and exude a pink glow. However, this glow can only be seen after dark. Hence, you will have to manually look for them during the day.

There is a catch to collecting Swamp Coral. These pesky materials despawn rather quickly. So, when you see them, you need to rush in to collect them as soon as you can. Otherwise, they will disappear. Luckily, they also respawn just as fast. But this makes it quite annoying as you have to run back and forth to get them. 

When you find one, you can either use your hand or a Vacuum to harvest the Swamp Coral. Using your hand is a slow process as you will harvest one Swamp Coral at a time. So, our advice would be to use a Thermal Vacuum as it can harvest all of the Swamp Coral at once. However, if you don’t have a Thermal Vacuum, you can also use a Hand-Vac, which can be crafted quite easily as it only requires 4x Plastic, 4x Rubber, 2x Pressurized Cartridges, and 1x Electronics. These Vacuums can also be used to collect another important material called Marsh Eggs which can also be found in The Mires.

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Why Do You Need Swamp Coral?

Swamp Coral allows you to make some essential late-game upgrades. For instance, you can use this material to further improve your backpack space. Initially, most of the upgrade tiers in the Fabricator tree will be fairly easy to do. But when you progress further into the game, you will notice that the higher tiers of upgrades require Swamp Coral.

Additionally, you also need Swamp Coral to make better protective gear for yourself when you are on foot. This is vital for when you are out and about looking for resources to collect. These improved pieces of equipment will prevent you from taking too much radiation damage and survive longer in those hazardous areas. 

That brings us to the end of this guide on how to find Swamp Coral in Pacific Drive. Get these materials and make those necessary upgrades. We all know that we will need them to make it to the end of the game. 

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Pacific Drive Swamp Coral – How to Find Them?
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