Is Pacific Drive Multiplayer? Everything You Need to Know!

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Is Pacific Drive Multiplayer? Everything You Need to Know!

Learn whether you can take on the dangers of the Pacific Northwest with a friend as we answer the burning question – “Is Pacific Drive multiplayer?”

Pacific Drive is a unique first-person survival game developed by the talented team at Ironwood Studios. What makes the game stand apart from other survival games is that you are not alone in your journey. However, your only companion in the strange world of Pacific Drive comes in the form of a beat-up old station wagon that you constantly have to look after. But the importance of your vehicle in the game cannot be understated as it is your only form of traversal in the dangerous expanse of the Pacific Northwest. 

While the concept of having a car as your only ally in the world of Pacific Drive is a cool concept, many people are wondering if they can play the game with their friends. That is what we will be discussing in this article dedicated to answering the question – “Is Pacific Drive multiplayer?” Let’s jump in!

Is Pacific Drive Multiplayer?

No, Pacific Drive is not a multiplayer game. The game does not support any online multiplayer or co-op features, unfortunately. This is one of the very few survival games that do not have any multiplayer components, whereas most other games in the same genre do. 

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Does Pacific Drive Support Cross-play or Cross-platform Support?

No, Pacific Drive does not support any form of cross-play or cross-platform support at the time of writing. Since the game does not have any multiplayer features, it does not need any cross-play or cross-platform support. However, this may change in the future if Ironwood Studios decide that they want to implement a component that will require the use of cross-play or cross-platform support. 

Does Pacific Drive Have Cloud Saves?

Yes, Pacific Drive allows you to make cloud saves if you are playing the game on Steam or have an active PlayStation Plus membership when playing on a PS5. This feature safeguards your game progress in case something corrupts your file on your hard drive. Though the performance of Pacific Drive on PC can feel a bit hit or miss, we are glad that the devs have allowed players to carry their saves over.

Is There Any Possibility of Multiplayer Being Added to Pacific Drive?

No, it does not seem like Ironwood Studios have any future plans for adding multiplayer to Pacific Drive. That is because the game is designed around the player having a solo experience. The devs want us to be able to take on the challenges and hazards of being in the world of Pacific Drive. How we survive, gather resources, and upgrade our car is completely dependent on our knowledge of the world we are dropped in to. Hence, we strongly believe that Pacific Drive is not likely to have any multiplayer features added in the future as it will ruin the engaging aspects of uncovering the world of Pacific Drive for ourselves. 

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Pacific Drive is a wholly unique take on the survival genre. If you enjoyed playing games like Subnautica, S.T.A.L.K.E.R, and Outer Wilds, then you will absolutely love Pacific Drive!

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Is Pacific Drive Multiplayer? Everything You Need to Know!
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