Pacific Drive Performance: How To Improve It

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Pacific Drive Performance: How To Improve It

Here is how to improve Pacific Drive Performance in the latest survival car-simulator.

For what its worth, Pacific Drives takes you into a post-apocalyptic dystopian future where you traverse what is left of this radiation-ridden world using your car, and taking care of the car too. The elements of sci-fi and weirdness are present, and they're here to give you scare in some way or the another.
You tinker your car to look it that way, making the game a weird and out-of-the-box addition to the evergrowing list of survival titles launched in 2024. It allows you to form a relationship with your vehicle, as you use it to traverse empty roads and distant places within the game
The game's official summary reads, “Pacific Drive is a survival game played from a first-person perspective. The game is set in 1998 in the Olympic Exclusion Zone in the Pacific Northwest, which the player traverses on foot or in a station wagon. The player can customize their vehicle in their garage, which acts as their base of operations.”

Pacific Drive Performance: How to Improve It

  • Brightness: You can set it to whatever you like.
  • Motion Blur: Edit depending on your liking; it doesn’t affect performance.
  • Windowed Mode: Set to Fullscreen.
  • Screen Percentage: Turn it to 70 or 80 percent. Only recommended if you’re facing major FPS drops.
  • Vertical Sync: On
  • Anti-Aliasing Method: FXAA.
  • DLSS: Nvidia’s DLSS allows you to get additional frames, set it to Performance or Ultra Performance. We’d recommend using Performance aat first,a nd fi yiu don’t get enough frames, set it to Ultra Performance.
  • DLSS Sharpening: If you’re using Ultra Performance, set this to 1.0.
  • View Distance: Medium.
  • Shadows: Medium.
  • Anti-aliasing: Set it to High.
  • Textures: Should be set to Medium.
  • Effects: Medium.
  • Post Processing: Low, Or Medium.
  • Foliage: Low.
  • Shaders: Medium.
  • Headlights Cast Shadows: On.
  • Mirror Shadow Quality: Medium.
  • Mirror Fog Rendering: Off.
  • Mirror Grass Rendering: Off.
  • Mirror Distant Shadows: Off.
  • Mirror Resolution Scale: Medium.
  • Mirror Detail Distance: Medium.
  • Mirror Draw Distance: Medium.
  • Cascade Shadow Distance Scale: Medium.
  • Screen Space Shadows: Off.
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If you’re still facing some issues, you might have to waut for the developers to ship a few performance updates, as the game has just dropped. And also ensure that your hardware meets the minimum requirements listed for this game on their Steam page.

Certain people on the game’s Steam community page have complained about the game being slightly unoptimized, and we await more information from the developers regarding a performance update for their game. Pacific Drive joins the laundry list of survival titles coming out in 2024, with the recent one being Nightingale. The only spin on this is the car simulator twist, wherein instead of a playable character, you have to ensure and scavenge for resources to take care of your car. The car-survival simulator has launched with good reviews, with many praising its uniqueness, and also the game’s atmosphere.

Pacific Drive is available to play across all available platforms on February 22, 2024. The car-simulator survival title is currently available to purchase on PC via Steam, and on PlayStation 5 via the store.

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