Pacific Drive Olympium Fragment – Where Can You Find Them?

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Pacific Drive Olympium Fragment – Where Can You Find Them?

This guide on Pacific Drive Olympium Fragment will help you locate this rare resource so that you can attain those final stages of upgrades

The hit new indie game from Ironwood Studios – Pacific Drive – is a unique single-player survival game where your only ally is a shoddy car. Players will have to journey through the hazardous Exclusion Zone where they face off against strange anomalies and mysterious forces that plague the land. The only way to survive in this place is by carefully managing your inventory, regularly upgrading your car and gear, venturing across the different zones to collect resources, and relying on your knowledge of the areas. 

One of the core gameplay loops of Pacific Drive is to collect rare resources that allow you to make necessary upgrades for yourself and your car to survive in the world longer. However, among all the materials you must collect, Olympium Fragments are one of the most difficult to find. So, in this Pacific Drive Olympium Fragment guide, we will help you locate this rare resource so that you can upgrade your gear. Let’s dive in!

What is Olympium Fragment?

Pacific Drive Olympium Fragment - Where Can You Find Them?
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Olympius Fragment is an end-game material in Pacific Drive that helps you make certain upgrades to your gear. They are valuable resources that are difficult to find but help make your progress through the game’s final stages a bit easier. 

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The primary use case of Olympium Fragments is to craft Olympium Torches and Reinforced Headlights. The Olympium Torch is a natural upgrade for your Blowtorch as it replaces the power source with Olympium to make it more effective. Keep in mind that you will need 4 Olympium Fragments to make this upgrade. Similarly, the Reinforced Headlight is also an upgrade for your car’s Headlights. This increases their durability so that they can take more damage before going out. To make this upgrade, you will need 6 Olympium Fragments. 

How to Find Pacific Drive Olympium Fragments

Pacific Drive Olympium Fragment - Where Can You Find Them?
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You can find Olympium Fragments in the end-game zones of Pacific Drive like the Deep Zone or Smoke Stacks regions. They can be easily identified by the purple glow around them. However, before you venture off into these zones, keep in mind that they house some of the most dangerous hazards in the game like the Tourists, Tour Buses, Hot Dust, etc. Additionally, remember to equip some gear to protect yourself and your car from radiation. 

Finding this material in those hostile areas can be nerve-wracking as you will constantly need to check where you are and what you are up against. To make your life easier, equip the Resource Radar on your car. This will drain your battery power faster, so be sure to have Battery Jumpers or Plasma Chargers on hand in case the power levels fall too low. 

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Once you reach the area, activate the Resource Radar to look for the nearest Olympium Vein. These are tall pole-like structures where you can stashes of Olympium Fragments. We recommend using a Magnetic Impact Hammer to harvest these materials as it can significantly cut down on the time needed for extraction. To craft Magnetic Impact Hammers, you will need 2x LIM Magnet, 2x Gas Cylinder, 6x Scrap Metal, and 3x Gear. If you don’t have these resources, then you can alternatively use a Regular Impact Hammer, though it will take longer to harvest. 

With that said, the most important thing you will need on your quest to collect Olympium Fragments is patience as they are often found off the beaten path. So, keep exploring the aforementioned areas as much as you can with the Resource Radar. 

That about wraps up our guide on how to find Olympium Fragments in Pacific Drive. Follow these tips and steps to easily locate and collect this precious material. However, if you don’t find any Olympium Fragments on your first try, return to your base and come back again. It should also go without saying that you should be well-equipped when tackling these dangerous zones. Good luck with your hunt!

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Pacific Drive Olympium Fragment – Where Can You Find Them?
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