All Anomalies in Pacific Drive: How to Deal with the Horrible Monsters in the Zone

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All Anomalies in Pacific Drive: How to Deal with the Horrible Monsters in the Zone

Here is a list of all anomalies you can run across in Pacific Drive

The world of Pacific Drive has you driving across the vast landscape of the Olympic Peninsula, where reality is starting to come apart. Your only companion in your journey to escape is your trusty Station Wagon.

Finding your escape route is easier said than done, however. If your car’s not breaking down every other place, you’re going up against bizarre anomalies that can come and take you down before you know it.

In this article, we’ll explore some of the main anomalies that you’ll face in Pacific Drive and offer some insights into how you should handle them. Let’s get started.

All Anomalies in Pacific Drive

All Anomalies in Pacific Drive

Credit: Gamespot

There are many anomalies in the game so far, and while some of them aren’t as deadly, there are some that will end your run within minutes. Here are the most important and deadly anomalies that are worth knowing about.

1. Pacemaker

The Pacemaker works somewhat similar to the Transmuter in your Garage. It will take some of your materials and transform them into a different material. The catch here is that if the formula isn’t right, you’ll lose the material.

2. Corrosive Squall

Acid rain is a thing in the game, and this anomaly is the first one on this list that can end your run early if you get caught outside your car. You also want to make sure your car is protected with lead-lined parts to survive this anomaly.

3. Electromagnetic Squall

The Electromagnetic Squall anomaly wreaks havoc on your car. During this storm, your car control will go haywire as it starts honking and going in all directions on its own. Don’t worry; as long as you drive slowly and try to keep control, you can find an exit.

4. Seismic Squall

If you thought the Electromagnetic Squall was annoying, wait till you face the Seismic Squall anomaly. The ground will start shaking, and bollards will start rising up from the ground, trying to flip your car over. Your only option is to escape the area as soon as possible.

5. Hurricane Squall

The effect of the Hurricane Squall anomaly is pretty similar to the Electromagnetic Squall. However, this time, strong gusts of wind will cause you to lose control of your car. Like the last one, make sure you drive slowly and keep as much control as possible.

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6. Rotten Egg

The Rotten Egg anomaly refers to those yellowish acid goop you sometimes find in The Mires and The Scorch. Simply avoid them or use lead-plated lining on your car, and you should be fine.

7. Tourist

The Tourists are arguably the creepiest anomaly that you can find in Pacific Drive. They look like mannequins from a distance, but if you get too close to them, the bomb strapped to their chest explodes. Our advice is to avoid direct contact at all costs.

8. Shocked Tourist

A shock-variant of the Tourist anomaly, when you touch them, instead of exploding, they create a chain of current that damages you. Like before, you should either avoid them or take them out using Road Flare.

9. Tour Bus

Think of the Tour Bus anomaly as the upgraded variant of the Tourist. Basically, it packs together a wider number of Tourists in the shape of two hands, and if you collide with them, the resulting explosion will lead to a failed run. Thankfully, you can pop the explosion from a safe distance with a Road Flare.

10. Bollard

All Anomalies in Pacific Drive

Credit: Pro Game Guides

It’s a seismic anomaly where pillars of earth emerge from the ground to flip your car over. The ground starts shaking before Bollard erupts, so use this as a cue to move out of the way quickly.

11. Ticking Tumbler

The Ticking Tumbler can be a tricky anomaly to deal with since it chases you around the world. It looks like a Thermosap Crystal from a distance, but when you get too close, it will explode.

12. Shakers

These sneaky anomalies can be hard to detect. They sort of look like cracks on the ground with a glowing yellowish color. When you get too close, it blasts you with corrosive slime that can throw you in the air.

13. Moldy Balloon

The Moldy Balloons are balloons made of acid that fly around the air, spraying acid in its path. Avoid as much as possible!

14. Cough Box

A cloud of green corrosives, the Cough Box will cause you to take heavy radiation damage if you get caught in it. Lead-lined parts on your car help counteract it to some extent.

15. Sizzling Mist

It’s an area-based anomaly similar to the Cough Box, but this one damages you with electric currents. Using insulated parts on your car can help against it.

16. Devil Grinder

The Devil Grinder is an extremely dangerous anomaly that starts damaging your cars, especially the tires, when you’re inside it. Avoid driving through it if possible. Using enhanced parts on your car is a good idea.

17. Fallen Firmament

This anomaly drops a giant stone pillar from the air on your car. Keep moving and avoid staying in one place too long when you’re facing this anomaly.

18. Abductor

All Anomalies in Pacific Drive

The Abductors look like small UFOs with a green light under them. But when the light turns red, you better run as it will carry and drag you and your car into an obstacle. You can use Limpulse emitters to break free, but avoiding detection is pretty easy as long as you don’t directly run into them.

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19. Minuteman

Minutemen always come in groups. This anomaly pops out of the ground randomly and tries to surround you. These small Tesla coils pass electric currents within each other, and when you get caught in it, your car takes a decent chunk of damage. Insulated plating is the best defense against them.

20. Crackling Crawler

The Crackling Crawler wouldn’t be considered a dangerous anomaly if it didn’t summon an army of minutemen wherever it goes. To make matters worse, it can chase you and create an electrical discharge. If you’re not using insulated parts and wearing insulated clothes, you’re in for a tough time.

21. Radiant Dredge

Radiant Dredge moves around, similar to the Crackling Crawler, but it doesn't summon anything. Instead, it leaves behind a trail of radiation in the ground. But you can avoid it easily, and lead-lined parts for your car also help.

22. Broken Bunny

A super annoying anomaly that jumps around sporadically and tries to attach itself to your car. If it manages to catch your car, it will cause damage over a duration. You can use the Limpulse Emitter or Impact Hammer to detach them from your car.

There are three variants of the Broken Bunny that inflict different status damages: Dust Bunny, Burp Bunny, and Bolt Bunny.

23. Shaggy Scrambler

The Shaggy Scrambler scrambles the electronics in your car, causing you to lose control of it if you drive too close. But you can drive slowly through them or around them.

24. Airstrip

The Airstrip is an anomaly that will propel your car up in the air when you cross over it. If you don’t want to damage your car slamming down from above, it’s best to avoid them. And if you can’t avoid them, drive through them slowly so that you have some control over your car.

25. Left-Right

The Left-Right anomaly isn’t too bad unless you’re running away from something like a Squall or the Ticking Tumbler. When you walk through the anomaly, you briefly lose control of your car, and it swerves to the left or right. Using the handbrake immediately can help you regain control.

26. Pickpocket

All Anomalies in Pacific Drive

Credit: Pro Game Guides

As the name suggests, this anomaly steals a random item from your inventory. It’s not dangerous, but it’s certainly quite annoying. You can either avoid them or throw a Road Flare to distract them as you run away.

There you have it! While this list doesn’t cover every single anomaly in the game, it covers the ones that will give you the most trouble. Now that you know how they work, it should be easier for you to play around them.

All Anomalies in Pacific Drive: How to Deal with the Horrible Monsters in the Zone
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