Pacific Drive Pacemaker – How To Get Tree Candy

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Pacific Drive Pacemaker – How To Get Tree Candy

Many people do not know how to use Pacemaker to get Tree Candy. We are aware of it, so it’s time to walk you through all steps.

Many people may think that Pacific Drive is just another survival game, but it is a lot more than that. This title has numerous challenges, and you will need to upgrade your car in order to survive and escape from them. Since the topic of this article is the Pacific Drive Pacemaker, let’s see how to get Tree Candy from it.

Pacific Drive Pacemaker – How to Get Tree Candy from a Pacamaker

If you have played Pacific Drive so far, you know that this game has a lot of anomalies. One of them is the Pacemeker, but it is different from others because it is static and does not do any damage. 

You can find Pacemakers throughout the map. Our team found it in locations such as Smokestacks, Damp Forest, and more. Once you scan this Pacemaker, you will have access to the special Garage map. This is where you can inspect the Anomalies and Junctions.

Something we have noticed about the Pacific Drive Pacemaker is that it allows you to charge your car's battery. You can also place different items inside them, which will allow you to create different items. For example, once you put Plasma inside the Pacific Drive Pacemaker, you will have a Tree Candy. 

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Although you can use the anomaly for a couple of items, it will eventually stop working. That’s why we recommend using it to get your Tree Candy as soon as possible.


Besides the mentioned steps where you can use the Pacific Drive Pacemaker to get the Tree Candy, there is one more alternative. Our team found that you can go to The Scorch, which is located in the mid-zone. Once there, you should look for Sap Compressors, which is where you will find the Tree. 

This item contains a lot of different things, but you need to look for Twister Ember. Once you find this reagent, use your Thermal Vacuum or Hand Vac, and you will be able to collect Tree Candy. 

Pacific Drive is an amazing game, so expect us to cover a lot of things about it.

Pacific Drive Pacemaker – How To Get Tree Candy
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