Overwatch League Stage 1 Week 4 Day 2 Recap

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Overwatch League Stage 1 Week 4 Day 2 Recap

Welcome to the OWL W4 D2 Recap!  Fans of the Overwatch League were treated to three clean sweeps in the most recent matches. From the most brutal D.va stagger of all time to a perfectly timed Earthshatter, here is what happened in the most recent Overwatch League matches. 

Paris Eternal versus Vancouver Titans 

OWL W4 D2 Recap Paris Eternal vs. Vancouver Titans


The first series of the night was a matchup between the Paris Eternal and the undefeated Vancouver Titans. The Eternal were hoping to redeem themselves from a 0-4 loss to the Atlanta Reign in Week 3. Unfortunately for the Eternal, Vancouver stopped them dead in their tracks. The final score for the game was 4-0 in favour of Vancouver.

Vancouver haven’t lost their stride one bit since they began in the Overwatch League after coming up from Contenders Korea. They are cohesive and the synergy between them is something that other teams should aspire to. Of course, it does help that the squad played together before they joined the League.

The team managed to keep the flex tank of the Eternal from dying as D.va on Horizon Lunar Colony, staggering him so badly that his team had already respawned and made their way back towards the second point before he had been killed. The Titans are now just two games away from having a perfect stage. They face the Chengdu Hunters and the Guangzhou Charge in their next games.

BenBest Looks Competitive in the Loss

Paris was defeated, they still showed signs of life during the games. Main tank BenBest showed off some very stellar reaction times during the game on Rialto. As the main tank for the Titans, Bumper was about to swing through the members of Paris that he’d knocked down with his Earthshatter. BenBest blocked Bumper from doing any sort of damage and charged him into the wall before Bumper returned the charged.

Paris ultimately lost that team fight, but BenBest’s quick reaction stopped the fight from ending quickly. BenBest also managed to bait out the Titans during the Eternal’s attack on Horizon Lunar Colony’s second point. As Paris and Vancouver engaged in a team-fight on the point, BenBest acted as if he was running away, only to do a 180-degree turn and land his Earthshatter onto two members of the Titans instead.

Overwatch 2: Strongest Heroes in Season 10

New York Excelsior versus San Francisco Shock 

OWL W4 D2 Recap New York Excelsior vs San Francisco Shock


Despite the “fire noodles” that New York had eaten the previous night and ultimately had ruined their stomachs, the Excelsior were still on point during their match against the San Francisco Shock. The Shock hoped to end New York’s winning streak and starting a streak of their own, but it wasn’t to be. The New York Excelsior took the win, with a final match score of 4-0.

The New York Excelsior have now finished all of their matches in Stage 1. Not only have they secured a spot in the playoffs, but they have also won every single one of their matches this stage. In fact, NYXL have only lost 6 maps overall this entire stage. From flex support JJoNaK landing several kills as Zenyatta across the match, to DPS player Nenne being fully charged as Zarya and wiping out half of the Shock on Dorado, the NYXL look unstoppable heading into the Stage 1 Playoffs.

The San Francisco Shock may have lost the game, but they kept it tight the entire time. They managed to take NYXL to a third round on Volskaya Industries. Although they lost the map, they ended it with a final map score of 5-6. They also pushed the NYXL to a third round on Busan, as well as a second attack phase on Numbani. There were some shaky moments, but the Shock has small mistakes that can be easily remedied. Additionally, they still have a solid shot at making the Stage 1 Playoffs, currently sitting just below the cutoff line at 9th place.

Dallas Fuel versus Shanghai Dragons

OWL W4 D2 Recap Dallas Fuel vs. Shanghai Dragons


The final match of the night was between the Shanghai Dragons and the Dallas Fuel. Although Shanghai managed to keep it tight the whole way through, the Fuel ended up taking the win at the end of the night to finish up the second day of matches. The final score was 4-0 in favour of Dallas.

Overwatch 2: Strongest Heroes in Season 10

The Dallas Fuel had a solid performance throughout the whole of the match. From good coordination to effective teamwork, they are looking strong to stay in the running for the Stage 1 Playoffs as they currently sit at 5th place overall. The most impressive part of the match came from flex player Rck, who executed a very smart play as Sombra on Nepal Shrine.

As Dallas were building up the final percentage to take the round win, Rck sat nearby on the low ground whilst Shanghai poked from the high ground above. Rck threw his translocator up onto the roof of the building Shanghai were stood on while invisible, and revealed himself to Shanghai by shooting them. Shanghai then jumped down onto the low ground, but they hadn’t seen the translocator that Rck threw up. Rck teleported above the Dragons and then used his EMP to disable four members of Shanghai, giving Dallas the advantage in the team fight and leading to them winning the round.

Shanghai Continue to Impress Despite Losses

Shanghai lost in the end, but they kept it relatively close during the entirety of the game, taking Dallas to a third round on Nepal and building up a good amount of capture percentage on Nepal Sanctum. Main tank Gamsu also landed a very interesting Earthshatter as Reinhardt on Route 66, catching Dallas main tank OGE as he jumped off the roof of Big Earl’s on the first choke. Unfortunately, whilst the Dragons chased down kills, main support Closer captured the point, but this didn’t deter Shanghai from stopping.

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