OWL: Void Retires

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OWL: Void Retires

Jun-woo “Void” Kang ends a Hall of Fame Overwatch League career after five years.

After being released from the Shanghai Dragons during the 2023 offseason, Void has decided to call it quits.

Jun-woo “Void” Kang

There are only so many players left from the inception of the Overwatch League, and now there are even fewer. A legend in the Overwatch league, Void has been nominated for league MVP, won Tank Role Star not once, but twice, and has even stood at the top of the league as an Overwatch League Champion. He captained a team to not only an Overwatch League Championship, but also to five Stage Championships across three seasons. He has been the premier Tank player in the Eastern region for years, and will leave a hole in the heart of the league with his absence.

Los Angeles Gladiators

Void began his career with the Los Angeles Gladiators where he would lead his team to a top four placement in the standings, and take a playoff run as well. Though they did not find any accolades in the season, Void cemented himself early on as a world renowned Off-Tank player. He followed up that first season with a second on the Gladiators, having a very similar season to the first, but coming out of it as both a Los Angeles Gladiators star, and a star in the league.

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Shanghai Dragons

The transformation season of the Shanghai Dragons was the 2020 season of the league. Void was one of the several star Korean players that the Shanghai Dragons took in from other teams, free agency, and Contenders. Then, right off the bat, they came out swinging. With Void standing as the Captain of the team, they took the very first Stage Championship of the year, and continued on with dominance, even managing to take the final Stage Title before the season was done. It was clear that this would be a team to compete with, and players to fear, and we were so very right to believe so. To top it all off, Void would even be recognized as one of the best Tank players in the world with the 2020 Tank Role Star award.

It was the 2021 season that would change the legacy of the Shanghai Dragons forever, with Void at the helm. A Stage Finals to start the season, followed by a Stage Championship, followed up by yet another. The team was on fire and it was always well known that Void was leading this team blazing towards the finish line. By the time the 2021 Playoffs came around there was no question in anybody's mind. The Dragons would end as dominantly as they carried through the season, not dropping a single map in Grand Finals and taking home the Championship. No longer would anybody care about a 0-40 season from years ago. The Dragons were renewed forever. Of course the Captain of a championship team can't go without recognition. This year Void would take home his second Role Star award, recognized not only for his gameplay, but also his championship level leadership.

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While the final season of Void's career wouldn't end with a trophy held high over his head, it would end with more success still. They would battle all season for the top spot with the Seoul Dynasty, even defeating them to win the Summer Showdown. They didn't just want to be in contention for a championship, they wanted everybody to consider them possible winners until their very last game. With this last hurrah for the team, it would also be the completion of Void's star studded Overwatch League career.